Prior to pursuing his Ph.D. and joining the faculty of the John F. Welch College of
Business, Rupendra was an Officer with National Stock Exchange of India. He is a member
of the American Finance Association, Financial Management Association International and
the Eastern Finance Association. 

He has taught undergraduate courses in Financial Management, International Financial
Management, Financial Institutions, Futures and Options markets and Investments at Sacred
Heart University and University of Connecticut. 

His research interests include Market Microstructure, Agency Theory and Mergers and
Acquisitions. He has presented at national and regional conferences including the
Financial Management Association and the Eastern Finance Association. 

Degrees: Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Connecticut; Master's degree at the
ICFAI Business School in India with specialization in Finance; Undergraduate degree is in
Electronics and Telecom engineering from Government Engineering College in India. 

Working Papers


Tracking Errors of Exchange Traded Funds and Index Funds, WCOB Working Papers (2014)

Exchange traded funds (ETF) are one of the recent financial innovations widely viewed as significantly...



Teaching the Catholic Intellectual Tradition through an Experiential Learning Program (with Susan T. Dinnocenti, Maria Lizano-DiMare, and Khawaja Mamun), WCOB Working Papers (2014)

A Catholic University has a specific mission of preserving, transmitting and developing the Catholic Intellectual...




Financial Contagion and Market Liquidity: Evidence from the Asian Crisis (with Shantaram P. Hegde), Business Faculty Publications (2011)

Models of financial crisis and contagion predict that an economic crisis turns into a crisis...



Interpreting Financial Results (with Bridget Lyons and Danny A. Pannese), Business Faculty Publications (2010)

The article discusses three accounting changes issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FSAB). The...



Intra-industry Effects of Takeovers: A Study of the Operating Performance of Rival Firms, Business Faculty Publications (2010)

This paper investigates whether the managers of industry rivals act to mitigate their agency exposure...



Pre-Acquisition Characteristics of the Acquirers, Business Faculty Publications (2008)

Existing empirical literature has extensively analyzed post-acquisition performance of the acquirers to evaluate success of...



Takeovers and Agency Problems: A Reexamination of the Pre-Acquisition Operating Performance of Targets, Business Faculty Publications (2007)

Both the issue of agency problems in corporate takeovers and the role of takeovers as...