Professor Rosenbloom teaches and writes in the area of immigration law and policy.
Her current research interests focus on deportation, citizenship, the immigration
consequences of criminal convictions and LGBT asylum claims. 

Prior to joining the law faculty, Professor Rosenbloom was a fellow at the Center for
Human Rights and International Justice at Boston College, where she was the supervising
attorney for the Center's Post-Deportation Human Rights Project. She has been widely
quoted in the media on the wrongful detention and deportation of US citizens and
permanent residents, and testified on this subject at a 2008 congressional hearing before
the House Subcommittee on Immigration. She has taught as an adjunct professor at Bentley
University and is currently an affiliated faculty member of the Center for Human Rights
and International Justice at Boston College. 

Professor Rosenbloom's legal career includes practicing union-side labor law at the
Boston firm Segal Roitman LLP. From 2002 to 2004, she served as a law clerk to the Hon.
Morris E. Lasker in United States District Court. Prior to her legal career, Professor
Rosenbloom was a research and advocacy associate at the International Gay and Lesbian
Human Rights Commission, where she documented human rights violations based on sexual
orientation, gender identity and HIV status. 



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