Dr. Ross E. Burkhart joined the Department of Political Science at Boise State
University in 1998. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. Dr. Burkhart
exemplifies a strong commitment to undergraduate education, recognized by his students
and colleagues through numerous teaching and service awards. In addition to teaching, Dr.
Burkhart’s research has been published in numerous journals and books, and he is a
frequent presenter in the United States and Canada. Dr. Burkhart’s research interests
include analyzing cross-national democratization patterns and US-Canada environmental

Articles and Conference Proceedings


Canada–US Border Communities: What the People Have to Say (with Leslie R. Alm), American Review of Canadian Studies (2013)

This paper investigates the Canada-U.S. borderlands relationship along the two geographic corridors as bounded by...



Bridges and Barriers: The Lake Superior Borderlands (with Leslie R. Alm), Journal of Borderlands Studies (2013)

This paper investigates the Canada–US borderlands relationship along the two geographic corridors as bounded by...


Paying for Long-Term Care in the Gem State: A Survey of the Federal and State Laws Influencing How Long-Term Care Services for Idaho’s Growing Aged and Disabled Populations Are - and Will Be - Funded (with Andrew M. Hyer, Elizabeth L. Hannah, and Sarah Toevs), Idaho Law Review (2012)

It is well recognized that as baby-boomers age and people live longer with chronic conditions,...



Democracy and Income Inequality: Measurement and Modeling of the Western Hemispheric Experience, Conference Papers -- American Political Science Association (2011)

What is our understanding of the relationship between democracy and income inequality in the Western...



Auditing Income Inequality Data in Models of Capitalism, Development and Democracy, Conference Papers - American Political Science Association (2009)

It is appropriate to take stock of extant measures of income inequality as they pertain...




Turmoil in American Public Policy: Science, Democracy, and the Environment (with Leslie R. Alm and Marc V. Simon), Faculty Authored Books (2010)

This book explores the intricacies of the science-policy linkage that pervades environmental policymaking in a...


Contributions to Books


Canadian Environmental Policy (with Leslie R. Alm), Canadian Studies in the New Millennium (2013)

This chapter covers several aspects of Canadian environmental policy. We examine constitutional features such as...



Political Institutions in the United States, Politics in North America: Redefining Continental Relations (2008)

NAFTA is more than a decade old, and will quite possibly expand beyond its three-country...



'Curvilinearity', 'Modeling', 'Skewed', and 'Threshold Effect', The Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods (2004)


Globalization, Regimes, and Development, Coping with Globalization: Cross-National Patterns in Domestic Governance and Policy Performance (2002)

Does globalization lead to a higher quality of life? Or, does it lead to more...



Democracy, Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences (2001)


Canada/U.S. Borderlands: Thunder Bay, Duluth, and Sault Ste. Marie (with Les Alm), Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (2011)

Canadian Environmental Policy: Past and Future (with Les Alm), Western Social Science Association Annual Meeting (2011)

Borders and Borderlands: Canada and the United States (with Leslie R. Alm), Western Social Science Association Meeting (2010)

Capitalism is Cool: Economic Freedom, Sustainability, and Greenhouse Gas Damage (with Indra de Soysa), International Studies Association Meeting (2010)