Rosemary Meszaros has been a member of the Department of Library Public Services
faculty since 1998. She is the Coordinator of Government Information and Law, and the
Depository Librarian for the Second Congressional District Federal Depository Library.
She is responsible for complying with the requirements for Depository Libraries set out
in Title 44 of the U. S. Code. 

Ms. Meszaros' collection development assignments are in the areas of Political
Science, Psychology, Military Science, Law, Kentucky and Federal Documents. 

Ms. Meszaros is past Chair of the Machine Assisted Reference Service section of Reference
& Adult Services Division of the American Library Association. Since 2001 she has
served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Academic Librarianship. 


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Rising Through the Ranks: Women in War (2009)

This book will examine the evolving role of American women in the military, contrasting the...


Contributions to Books

The Internet, Scholarly Communication, and Collaborative Research, Libraries, the Internet and Scholarship: Tools and Trends Converging (2002)

Unpublished Papers



The Power of Information Literacy: Building Student Success and Critical Thinking Skills, FaCET (2010)

What is information literacy? What skills do students need to learn to become successful in...

Serving Up Student Success Using the Library (with Elisabeth Knight), FaCET 2008 Summer Conference Engaging Ideas for Student Success (2008)
Engaging the Spritit: Tools for Student Success (with Dan Forrest, Sean Kinder, Elisabeth Knight, and Roxanne Myers Spencer), Engaging the Spirit Conference (2007)
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Being Scholarly About Teaching: Researching Your Methods (with Roxanne Myers Spencer), Workshop Seminar for Faculty Center on Excellence and Teaching (FaCET) (2006)