Ronald R. Kumar works at that University of the South Pacific. Ronald was a Sasakawa
Young Leaders scholar (2009-2010) at the School of Government, Development and
International Affairs. He has worked in different sectors, including the University of
the South Pacific as teaching assistant in economics, Reserve Bank of Fiji as a research
economist (2005) and at the Australia New Zealand Banking Corporation back office support
(Quest Limited) as a Business Analyst for Projects (2005-2007). His short-term work
includes the Ministry for National Planning (Government of Fiji) for three months as an
Economic Planning Officer in 2011 and as Administration Officer at the South Pacific
Board for Educational Assessment in 2009. Ronald was as research scholar at the Kyoto
University in 2007-2008 period. 

Ronald's research focuses on remittances, tourism. technology and migration. Besides
these, he also have interest in exploring contemporary drivers of growth for small and
developing economics. His masters thesis was on short-term migration in the Pacific, with
a case study of Vanuatu. He holds a Master of Commerce (Economics), Master of Arts
(Development Studies) and a Bachelor of Science (Maths & Computer Science)
qualifications from the University of the South Pacific; and Diploma in Business Studies
(Accounting) from Fiji National University. Ronald's publication has appeared in
Tourism Economics, Management Decisions, Quality and Quantity, Economic Systems, Global
Business and Economic Review, African Journal of Economic and Sustainable Development,
and International Journal of Business and Economic Review, among others. He has also
reviewed papers from journals like Tourism Management, Sustainability, and South Asian
Journal of Global Business Research. 



Exploring the effects of remittances on Lithuanian economic growth (with Peter J. Stauvermann), Engineering Economics (2014)

We explore the effect of remittances on the output per worker in Lithuania over the...



Modelling the supply of private used cars: a study of two prominent brands in Fiji, International Journal of Economics and Business Research (2014)

In this paper, we model the resale value of private used cars in Fiji. We...



Role of health expenditure and ICT in a small island economy: a study of Fiji (with Madhukar Singh), Quality & Quantity (2014)

The economy of Fiji has witnessed a pervasive role of information and communications technology (ICT)...



Exploring the effects of energy consumption on output per worker: A study of Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania (with Peter J. Stauvermann, Arvind Patel, and Radika D. Kumar), Energy Policy (2014)

In this article, we explore the long-run cointegration between output, capital and energy consumption, in...



Exploring the nexus between tourism, remittances and growth in Kenya, Quality & Quantity (2014)

Recently there has been a surge in remittances inflow to Kenya while tourism receipts appears...




Development Impacts Of Short-Term Migration In The Pacific - A Case Study of Vanautu (2012)

This work sought to explore the development impacts of RSE, particularly the changes in the...



Development on the Move: Measuring and Optimising Migration’s Economic and Social Impacts in Fiji (with Miliakere Kaitani, Manoranjan Mohanty, Tolu Muliaina, Vuki Buadromo, Sunil Kumar, and Vijay Naidu) (2011)

Executive Summary

Although migration come to play an increasingly significant role in Fiji’s economy and...


Contributions to Books


Role of trade openness, Remittances, Capital Inflows and Financial Development in Vanuatu, Migration and Remittances during the global Financial Crisis and Beyond (2012)

Book reviews


Research Praxis from Design to Completion: A Review of Designing and Managing your Research Project – Core Knowledge for Social and Health Researchers, The Qualitative Report (2011)

Thomas and Hodges (2010) have written a very practical and indeed a valuable book on...


Unpublished Papers


Curriculum Vitae (2014)

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Financing human capital development via government debt: a small country case using overlapping generations framework (with Peter J. Stauvermann) (2013)

Using an over-lapping generations (OLG) model, we show how small open economies can enhance their...




The New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme is a New Zealand Government initiative that...



Impact of trade openness, remittances, capital inflows & fi nancial development on income in Vanuatu, Munich Personal RePEc Archive (2011)

In this study, using bounds approach and annual data for the period 1981-2008, the short...



Role of Financial and Technology Inclusion, Remittances and Exports vis-à-vis growth: A study of Nepal (2011)

Using the ARDL Bounds approach to cointegration technique, we explore the role of financial services,...