Dr. Kjelgren's research and outreach focuses on tree water use and water stress
response in landscape, along with forestry and fruit production. 



A tree-ring based reconstruction of Logan River streamflow in northern Utah (with Eric B. Allen, Tammy M. Rittenour, Justin DeRose, Matthew F. Bekker, and Brendan M. Buckley), Water Resources Research (2013)

We created six new tree-ring chronologies in northern Utah, which were used with preexisting chronologies...



Yields, phenolic profiles and antioxidant activities of Ziziphus jujube Mill. in response to different fertilization treatments (with Chun-Sen Wu, Qing-Han Gao, Xu-Dan Guo, and Min Wang), Molecules (2013)

Increasing demand for more jujube (Ziziphus jujube Mill.) production requires understanding the specific fertilization needs...



Subtropical–tropical urban tree water relations and drought stress response strategies (with Daryl Joyce and David Doley), Arboriculture and Urban Forestry (2013)

Water User Dimensions of Meter Implementation on Secondary Pressurized Irrigation Systems (with Joanna Endter-Wada, Diana Glenn, Clayton Lewis, and Christopher Neale), Research Report for Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and the US Bureau of Reclamation (2013)

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (District) secured Bureau of Reclamation funding in spring 2011 to...



Effects of soil water and nitrogen availability on photosynthesis and water use efficiency of Robinia pseudoacacia seedlings (with Xiping Liu, Yangyang Fan, Ruifeng Wei, Chunmei Gong, and Jun Zhao), Journal of Environmental Sciences (2013)

The efficient use of water and nitrogen (N) to promote growth and increase yield of...




Landscaping on the New Frontier: Waterwise Design for the Intermountain West (with Susan E. Meyer, Darrel G. Morrison, and William A. Varga), All USU Press Publications (2009)

A practical volume for the home or business owner on landscaping with native, drought-tolerant plants...



Water Wise: Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes (with Wendy Mee, Jared Barnes, and Richard Sutton), All USU Press Publications (2003)

This comprehensive volume provides specific information about shrubs, trees, grasses, forbs, and cacti that are...


Contributions to Books

Stewardship and the concept of yield in landscape water conservation (with Larry A. Rupp), Stewardship and the Creation: LDS Perspectives on the Environment (2006)

Growing up in what was rural Salt Lake County, my peers and I never knew...


Stewardship and the Creation: LDS Perspectives on the Environment (with Larry A. Rupp), Stewardship and the Creation: LDS Perspectives on the Environment (2006)

Maintain Hydraulic Control Using Deep Rooted Tree Systems (with A. Ferro, M. Gefell, D. S. Lipson, N. Zollinger, and S. Jackson), Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology (2003)

Groundwater phytotechnology systems are currently being used to control the migration of contaminant plumes and...


Popular Press

Water Check Report and Summary: Summer 2005 (with Jennie M. Hoover, Diana T. Glenn, and Joanna Endter-Wada), Project Report submitted to Logan City (Utah) (2006)


Sustainable Agriculture and Research and Education program: creating a wave of sustainable agriculture (with D. Rubin and P. Rasmussen), Yangling International Agri-science Forum (2009)

Graduate Studies in Landscape Water Conservation at Utah State University (with L. Rupp and K. Kopp), WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Expo (2009)

Water relations of four street tree species in Bangkok, Thailand (with L. Puangchit, C. Sriladda, and M. Someechai), FORTROP II Conference: Tropical Forestry Changing in a Changing World (2008)

Evaluating the Impact of Water Waste Enforcement in Southern Nevada Landscapes (with D. Van Dyke), Water Smart Innovations Conference (2008)


Water Use and the Key factor of Water Use of Ornamental Landscapes (with Kelly Kopp and Hongyan Sun), Spring Runoff Conference (2011)

Using plant species that require less water is one important principle of XeriscapingTM. However, little...


Value Landscape Engineering Lifecycle Analysis Final Report & User's guide to the Spreadsheet Program (with David E. Rosenberg, Kelly Kopp, Heidi Kratsch, Larry Rupp, and Paul Johnson), David E. Rosenberg (2010)

Value landscape engineering web-based tool (with David Rosenberg, Kelly L. Kopp, Heidi Kratsch, Larry Rupp, and Paul Johnson), Plants, Soils, and Climate Faculty Publications (2010)

A tool to help both landscape professionals and consumers make informed decisions about choices in...


Designing Software to Analyze Municipal Water Use Patterns in Order to Develop Effective Landscape Water Conservation Strategies (with Adrian Welsh, Joanna Endter-Wada, and Christopher Neale), Spring Runoff Conference (2009)

Planning for drought and growth-induced water scarcity is a challenge confronting municipal water departments. When...


Green Lawns and Wise Water Use (with Christina Klien and Joanna Endter-Wada), Spring Runoff Conference (2004)

A large portion of urban water use in the United States goes to watering landscapes....