Robyn's academic background is in psychology, sociology and criminology with special
interest in Aboriginal criminal justice issues. She has lectured at Bond since 1994 and
also at universities in Queensland (UQ, QUT and Griffith). Her research work has been
conducted at UQ, QUT, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and Rutgers University in New

While Robyn has broad-ranging interests in the criminological field, she has focused on
the treatment of marginalised groups within the criminal justice system. In particular,
her focus is on theoretical developments in the Aboriginal justice arena and this is the
subject of her PhD which is near completion. 

Her projects have involved research on the careers of white-collar offenders, runaway and
homeless youth, violence in Aboriginal communities, fraud by medical practitioners and
peer influences on juvenile offending. Robyn's most recent work has centred on the
new field of forensic criminology where she has examined miscarriages of justice. 

Robyn teaches a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level including
Crime & Deviance, Criminal Justice System, Forensic Victimology, Miscarriages of
Justice, Global Criminology, Criminological Research Methods, Theories of Crime, Crime
Prevention, Criminal Profiling and Media & Crime. 

She also has interests and experience in academic publishing and worked as Senior Editor
at Aboriginal Studies Press in Canberra for five years. She was Managing Editor of the
Journal of Sociology and was previously Editor of the Australian Journal of Social



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