Robin. L. Danzak, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at
Sacred Heart University. Her research focus is on the academic language and literacy
development of bilingual students, particularly adolescents. Areas of interest include
bilingual writing, critical literacy, and writing instruction through authentic and
multimedia text composition. Dr. Danzak values a collaborative, sociocultural framework
in which classroom research aligns with engaging instruction and authentic assessment.
She has published several articles and chapters in the area of bilingual language and
literacy, and has presented her work at national and international conferences. 

An experienced language learner and teacher, Dr. Danzak is bilingual and biliterate in
English-Spanish. She received her MA in Linguistics (Spanish) from the University of
ConcepciĆ³n, Chile, and her Ph.D. in Communication Sciences & Disorders from the
University of South Florida. Prior to her work at the university level, Dr. Danzak was
employed by Florida public schools for several years, where she taught Spanish and
coordinated the implementation of magnet school programs. 

See the link on this page to Robin Danzak's Culture Chameleon blog about
multiculturalism, multilingualism, and her adventures as a Fulbright scholar in Padua,

Popular Press


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