Professor Spoo earned his JD from the Yale Law School, where he was Executive Editor
of the Yale Law Journal and received the Michael Egger Prize for best student publication
on current social problems in volume 108 of the Yale Law Journal. After graduating, he
served as law clerk for the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor, of the US Court of Appeals for the
Second Circuit, and practiced for several years with law firms in New York, Oklahoma, and
San Francisco, providing litigation services and advice in the areas of copyrights,
trademarks, and other intellectual property. As an attorney, Professor Spoo has
represented authors, scholars, documentary filmmakers, record companies, and other
creators and users of intellectual property. His litigation work has included serving as
co-counsel, with the Stanford Center for Internet & Society and other attorneys, for
Professor Carol Shloss of Stanford against the Estate of James Joyce. In 2005, he was
asked to travel to Vietnam to advise the Ministry of Education and Training on issues of
intellectual property and higher education. 

Prior to his legal career, Professor Spoo received his MA and PhD in English from
Princeton University and taught for more than ten years as a tenured faculty member in
the English Department at The University of Tulsa, where he was also Editor of the James
Joyce Quarterly. He has published numerous books and articles on James Joyce, Ezra Pound,
and other modern literary figures. His teaching interests include copyrights and
intellectual property, media and entertainment law, law and literature, and the
copyright-related needs of scholars. His publications have appeared in the Yale Law
Journal, the UCLA Law Review, and other law and humanities journals, as well as in
collections published by Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.
Professor Spoo's book, Without Copyrights: Piracy, Publishing, and the Public Domain
(New York: Oxford University Press, July 2013), offers a legal and cultural history of
the impact on non-US authors of the protectionist and isolationists features of US
copyright laws from 1790 on. 

Professor Spoo is a member of the Modernist Studies Association Task Force on Fair Use,
serves as copyright advisor to numerous academic journals and projects, and acts as
general counsel for the International James Joyce Foundation. He also serves on the
advisory board of the National Library of Ireland and has assisted with proposed
copyright legislation for the Republic of Ireland and other copyright issues affecting
Irish cultural institutions. In June 2008, he received the Lucia R. Briggs Distinguished
Achievement Award for "outstanding contributions and achievements in a career
field," from his undergraduate institution, Lawrence University. He has also
received Outstanding Professor Awards at the College of Law, and in 2010-11 received The
University of Tulsa's Outstanding University Teacher Award. 



Without Coprights: Piracy, Publishing, and the Public Domain, Prologue--Growing the American Public Domain--Prologue: Growing the American Public Domain (2013)

Provides a thorough historical survey of the impact of U.S. copyright law on transatlantic modernist...



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Provides a thorough historical survey of the impact of U.S. copyright law on transatlantic modernist...



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Myths surrounding the aging of copyrights.


Contributions to Books

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Specially requested Spanish translation of Three Myths for Aging Copyrights: Tithonus, Dorian Gray, Ulysses, for...

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A public forum on Copyright and Fair Use. Panelists included:

  • Adrian Alexander, R.M. and...
Copyright Misuse: Emerging Trends and Consequences for Rights-Holders, Faculty and Alumni Showcase Series (2008)

Prof. Robert Spoo discusses trends in recognizing the use and misuse of copyright law.