Bob McCloud is Distinguished Global Professor and Associate Professor of Computer
Science at Sacred Heart University. He earned an honors degree in Philosophy at Williams
College, and pursued graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania and University of
Bridgeport. At Penn, he was Schubert Fellow in Playwriting. Along the way, he discovered
computer programming and wrote his first program: a tool to analyze word use in the plays
of Edward Albee. That led to an extended absence from academia. During that time, his
career encompassed both writing and computer science in the corporate arena. His early
corporate and publishing careers are documented as one of six entrepreneurs profiled in
the book Self Made, by John Stickney, published by J.P. Putnam's. 

Ultimately, working in the corporate world lost its appeal. He returned to graduate
school to pursue a doctorate in computer science, leading to a teaching job search that
concluded at Sacred Heart University. In addition to a group of published books and
articles, Bob has had five major international fellowships in England, Kosovo and
Albania, including two Fulbright Fellowships and a World Bank research grant. He also
served as special projects advisor to Prime Minister Sali Berisha of Albania. 

Bob's current work at Sacred Heart focuses on game design, in particular using
markerless motion capture to create animated game characters. 

May 7, 2014- SHU Global Awareness Award for his work on SHU's behalf for the
American Council on Education (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory program and with the
Fulbright Committee, for which he is Faculty Advisor. 

B.A., Williams College Ed.D., University of Bridgeport 



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