Hello. My name is Rob Morrison and I serve as a "blended" Librarian at
National-Louis University's Chicago Campus, providing instruction services for
students and faculty in-person, on-line and at off-campus sites. My "home"
campus is located in downtown Chicago, across from the Art Institute at 122 S. Michigan
Ave. I am currently serving as Dean of Library & Learning Support 

I am also developing "critical information literacy" that blends Critical
Theory with information literacy and knowledge production. 

I completed my Ed.D. in Adult and Continuing Education from National-Louis University in
2009 and published a dissertation listed below under Books on the role of culture in the
information-seeking process. 

I am serving as Interim Dean of Library & Learning Support since January 2013. 



From Embedded to Integrated: Digital Information Literacy and New Teaching Models for Academic Librarians (with Larissa Garcia), ACRL National Conference 2011 (2011)

This paper describes our experience launching LIBR 200, moving beyond traditional library instruction to integrating...



Taking Assessment on the Road: Utah Academic Librarians Focus on Distance Learners (with Allyson Washburn), Journal of Library Administration (2004)

Originally published in the Proceedings of the Eleventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference, 2004. Central Michigan...



Consortium Solutions to Distance Education Problems: Utah Academic Libraries Answer the Challenges (with Amy Brunvand, Daniel R. Lee, Kathleen M. McCloskey, and Carol A. Kochan), Journal of Library Administration (2001)

Originally published in the Proceedings of the Ninth Off-Campus Library Services Conference, 2000. Central Michigan...





Information Literacy is a process for finding, using, evaluating and incorporating information into an individuals’...


Contributions to Books


Culturally Relevant Information Literacy, Adult Education, The Next 50 Years: Our Future Continues Through An Investment In Research. Joint Conference Proceedings of AERC and WRRCEA (2010)

This paper is a qualitative case study of the role of culture in the information-seeking...




LIBR 200 Syllabus, Winter 2014, LIBR 200 Syllabus (2014)


ACL 546 Research Methodology, Syllabus (2011)


LIBR 200 Fall 2010 Face-Face, Syllabus (2010)


LIBR 200 Fall 2010 online, Syllabus (2010)


Information Literacy and Student Engagement: Cultivating Student Learning through Critical Pedagogy and Critical Reflection (with Deana Greenfield), Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy (2013)

This presentation will introduce librarians to strategies and concrete lesson plans that will transform process...



Transforming Information Literacy: Engaging Stakeholders. (with Deana Greenfield), Information Literacy Summit (2012)

Librarians at National Louis University have been engaged with stakeholders for the past four years...



Digital Information Literacy at National Louis University: Embedding and Integrating Information Literacy into Degree programs. (with Deana Greenfield), Information Literacy Summit (2012)

This session will provide an overview of NLU Librarians experience to develop a new teaching...



Prioritizing Library Instruction: Challenges and Opportunities Moving into the Digital Age (with Deana Greenfield, Marisa Walstrum, and Amy LeFager), Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries (IACRL) (2012)

The role of librarian as teacher is shifting as we experience changes in our institutions,...



E-Valuating Local Collections for Open Acces: The NLU Experience (with Deana Greenfield), CARLI/Open Access Collection Development: Opportunities & Challenges (2011)

National Louis University (NLU) provides access to local collections through an Institutional Repository and Special...



Critical Information Literacy (with Adam Burke and Troy Swanson) (2008)

Awarded by the Illinois Center for Information Literacy, this grant provides an honorarium of $250...