Dr. Rishi Sriram (Rish-ee Sree-Rom) currently serves as Assistant Professor of
Higher Education & Student Affairs, Graduate Program Director for the department of
Educational Administration, and Faculty Master of Brooks Residential College, a
living-learning community of approximately 400 students, at Baylor University. 

Dr. Sriram spent eight years as a higher education and student affairs administrator
before beginning his current role as a faculty member. As Assistant Dean for Student
Learning & Engagement, he played a primary role in the development of living-learning
programs at Baylor, as well as the establishment of a faculty-in-residence program. His
administrative work won him a NASPA Excellence Award (Gold Honoree) and a Promising
Practices Award from the NASPA Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs Knowledge

Dr. Sriram's research interests include student affairs practice, collaboration
between academic and student affairs, and college student retention, engagement,
achievement, and learning. 

His work has been published in respected journals such as the Journal of College Student
Development, the Review of Higher Education, the Journal of Student Affairs Research and
Practice, and the Journal of College Student Retention. He has received several national
and regional grants for his research. 

He currently serves or has served on the editorial/review boards of the Journal of
College Student Development, the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, the
College Student Affairs Journal, the Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students
in Transition, the Journal of College and University Student Housing, ACPA's
Developments, and as Director of Research for TACUSPA (Texas student affairs
association). He also served as editor of Student Affairs On Campus, the TACUSPA journal
he created as TACUSPA's Director of Research. 

Dr. Sriram speaks at conferences or consults with colleges across the United States on
issues pertaining to student affairs administration, college student success,
living-learning initiatives, and talent/success. He currently has a book under contract
that aims to help student affairs professionals understand and use quantitative research
and statistics in their work. 

Sriram on Academic & Student Affairs Integration


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Sriram on College Student Success


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Sriram Speaks

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Book Reviews


Review of No Longer Invisible: Religion in University Education, Religious Studies Review (2013)

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Review of Reframing Academic Leadership, Journal of College Student Development (2012)