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Sex perceptions, or more particularly, sex discriminations and sex categorisations, are high-value social behaviours. They...



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Physical inversion of whole or partial human body representations typically has catastrophic consequences on the...



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In this paper we present a framework for evaluating the social impact of high-bandwidth Internet...



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Accurate recognition of gender in another individual is integral to successful human social interaction and...



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Background: Almost every interpersonal interaction is mediated by the sex of the individuals involved. Visual,...



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Objective To summarise published empirical research on culturally targeted anti-tobacco media messages for Indigenous...


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Pleasure is something most of us value very highly. However, although we may spend considerable...


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Psychology is a discipline with a rich and proud history of research, both pure and...


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Variations in hormone concentrations across the menstrual cycle affect human female mate preferences. It...


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Under orthographic projection, biological motion point-light walkers offer no cues to the order of the...



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The movement of an organism typically provides an observer with information in more than one...



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The visual system has robust sensitivity to biological motion defined by point-light displays. However, specific...


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A distinction must be made between the emotional content of a piece of music and...


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Spatial neglect is a complex neurological syndrome in which patients appear to experience a variety...



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