Richard Pate, Esq., has taught law related classes at Sacred Heart University for
over 15 years. Mr. Pate is licensed to practice law in Connecticut, the United States
District Court of Connecticut, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,
United States Supreme Court. The matters he handles as a practicing attorney are directly
correlated with the subjects he teaches at the University, offering students a “real
life” look at legal issues. His focus is on human resource law; he represents employees
in race, color, gender, religion, age, military status and disability discrimination
actions before state and federal courts and state and federal administrative agencies.



MOOCs and Modern Democracies, Business Faculty Publications (2013)

A discussion of the imposition of the interests of the few on the collective through...



Reemployment Under USERRA Sections 4312 & 4313: At Will Employment vs. Temporary Employment, Business Faculty Publications (2011)

As thousands of service members return to the U.S., severe economic conditions render acclimation to...



The Status Of Recognition And Enforcement Of Judgments In The European Union (with Michael D. Larobina J.D., L.L.M.), WCOB Working Papers (2011)

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The Impact of Terrorism on Business (with Michael D. Larobina), Business Faculty Publications (2009)

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Unpublished Papers

MOOCs and Gods in Modern Democracies, WCOB Working Papers (2013)

A discussion of the imposition of the interests of the few on the collective by...


Working Papers


Invisible Discrimination: Employers & Social Media Sites, WCOB Working Papers (2012)

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