Richard A. Naclerio is an adjunct history professor at Sacred Heart University in
Fairfield, Connecticut. He teaches a core Ancient Civilizations course at SHU, and his
area of interest and research is U.S. Economic History. 

He has a BA and MA from Iona College in New York, and his masters thesis is entitled,
"The Federal Reserve, Paul M. Warburg, and Benjamin Strong Jr.: Money, Power, and

Prof. Naclerio has had a paper presented at the Fall 2013 Conference of the New England
Historical Association entitled, "Paul M. Warburg: Founder of the United States
Federal Reserve," and he looks forward to publishing his work and entering a PhD
program in the near future. 

Prof. Naclerio is a proud member of the American Historical Association, The New York
Historical Society, The Economic Historical Society, and the National History Honors
Society (Phi Alpha Theta). 

Conference Proceedings


Paul M. Warburg: Founder of the United States Federal Reserve, History Faculty Publications (2013)

On November 16, 2014 the United States Federal Reserve will celebrate its centennial. Its one...




Benjamin Strong Jr.: The Common Monetary Thread, History Faculty Publications (2014)

Benjamin Strong Jr. entered the banking industry after he graduated from public high school. Over...