Rick Magee, a native Californian, received his B.A. in English from the University
of California at Berkeley, and his M.A. from California Polytechnic State University, San
Luis Obispo. He moved to New York to continue his graduate studies, and received his
Ph.D. from Fordham University in 2002 for his dissertation “Sentimental Ecology: Susan
Fenimore Cooper and a New Model of Ecocriticism.” He joined the Sacred Heart Faculty in
2003. His research interests include 19th-century American literature, especially
sentimental lit and ecocriticism. He has published articles on Cooper, ecofeminism, and
food writing, and he edited a reprint of Cooper’s only novel, Elinor Wyllys. In his free
time, Rick is an avid outdoorsman and competitive cyclist, and he is ranked in the top
ten in local cycling competition. 

Contributions to Books


Reintegrating Human and Nature: Modern Sentimental Ecology in Rachel Carson and Barbara Kingsolver, English Faculty Publications (2012)

Rachel Carson and Barbara Kingsolver were both trained as scientists and may be expected to...



Nature, Domestic Labor, and Moral Community in Susan Fenimore Cooper's Rural Hours and Elinor Wyllys, English Faculty Publications (2011)

Cooper's argument for a domestic ideal situated within a rural setting reinforces the importance of...



The Aridity of Grace: Community and Ecofeminism in Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams and Prodigal Summer, English Faculty Publications (2008)

In both Animal Dreams and her later novel Prodigal Summer, Kingsolver constructs narratives of community...