Richard Griscom has more than twenty-five years of experience building collections
that support a broad range of music studies in classical and popular music, jazz, and
world music. Before coming to Penn in 2004, he was head of the music libraries at the
University of Louisville and the University of Illinois. He holds a master's degree
in musicology, and he has remained active in performance throughout his career. After
seven years as an orchestra percussionist, he took up the recorder and currently performs
with the Penn Recorder Ensemble. Dick is active in the Music Library Association, and he
edited the association's journal, Notes, from 1997 to 2000. He is also coauthor of
The Recorder: A Research and Information Guide (2003). 

Music Librarianship

Directions in Music Cataloging (with Peter H. Lisius) (2012)

In Directions in Music Cataloging, ten of the field’s top theoreticians and practitioners address the...



MLA-L at Twenty, Notes (2009)

MLA-L, the electronic-mail distribution list for music librarians, is now twenty years old. Before the...


Music Librarianship at the Turn of the Century (with Amanda Maple) (2000)

Fourteen authors explore the recent past, the present, and the future of music librarianship through...



Periodical Use in a University Music Library: A Citation Study of Theses and Dissertations Submitted to the Indiana University School of Music from 1975-1980, Serials Librarian (1983)

In an effort to measure in-house use of music periodicals, a citation study based on...


Digital Audio


Digital Audio in the Library, Scholarship at Penn Libraries (2006)

An incomplete draft of a book intended to serve as a guide and reference for...



Distant Music: Delivering Audio over the Internet, Notes (2003)

Advances in audio technology in the 1980s and 1990s made it possible for librarians to...


Institutional Repositories


Publishing Undergraduate Research Electronically (with Dennis DeTurck), Scholarship at Penn Libraries (2007)

The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania has as a goal...



Content Recruitment and Development: A Proactive Approach to Building an Institutional Repository (with Marjorie Hassen, Mary D. Steiner, and Sandra Kerbel), Scholarship at Penn Libraries (2006)

Describes the history of ScholarlyCommons@Penn and the service-oriented approach the staff have taken in recruiting...


Recorder (musical instrument)

The Recorder: A Research and Information Guide (with David Lasocki) (2012)

A Choice "Best Academic" book in its first edition, The Recorder remains an essential resource...


The Recorder: A Research and Information Guide (with David Lasocki) (2003)

An annotated bibliography of research on the recorder and its music. A Choice "Best Academic"...