Dr. Rhea Paul is the Founding Chair, Department of Speech-Language Pathology at
Sacred Heart University. 

Before coming to Sacred Heart, Paul was a research professor at the Yale Child Study
Center, where she studied children with autism spectrum disorders. Prior to that, she was
a member of the faculty at Southern Connecticut State University in the Department of
Communication Disorders. 

Paul came to SHU for the opportunity to begin a new program from the ground up, including
hiring faculty, designing curriculum and clinical education, developing a program
philosophy and using a range of innovative tools for teaching and learning. “I found this
opportunity extraordinarily exciting. My discussions with the dean of the College of
Health Professions convinced me that Sacred Heart was willing to devote the resources it
would take to build a top-notch program, and my interactions with faculty and students
persuaded me that it would be a fulfilling place to work.” 

Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Brandeis University, a Master’s in
reading and learning disabilities from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a
Doctorate in communication disorders from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. 

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Book Reviews


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