Dr Renata Phelps BEd(CSU) MDisEd(Deakin) DipEd(SCU) PhD(SCU) 

Renata is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Education and is a Research Associate with
the Centre for Children and Young People at Southern Cross University

Renata’s main areas of research and teaching include: 

• Educational information technology, in particular: computer education; computer
capability; information literacy; teacher professional development in ICT; integration of
ICT in learning and teaching; management of ICT in primary, secondary, and tertiary
education; and online and flexible learning and instructional design. 

• Learner-centred pedagogy 

• Metacognition and metacognitive approaches to learning; self-directed and
self-regulated learning; 

• Research with children and young people 

• Action learning and action research 

• Complexity theory in education; 

• Organising and managing research. 

Renata has been involved in a number of research projects through her work with the
Centre for Children and Young People, including: 

• Vietnamese children's perspectives on learning and the provision of quality
primary school education within the rural Na Ri district in Vietnam - Through a
partnership with ChildFund Australia 

• A major ARC funded research project conducted in partnership with Catholic Education
Office, Lismore Diocese (2004-7) investigated the metacognitive influences on
teachers' use of information and communication technology (ICT) and the implications
for teacher professional development. This project led to the development of a
metacognitive approach to whole-school ICT professional development known as Technology
Together. See the Technology Together website.(http://technologytogether.scu.edu.au/)
This research is the focus of a publication for teachers and schools: 

Technology Together: Whole-School Professional Development for Capability and Confidence
is published by the International Society for Technology in Education(ISTE)(2013). 

More information about these and other projects can be found on the Centre for Children
and Young People projects page http://ccyp.scu.edu.au/index.php/2/ 

• Renata co-authored a text for researchers on Organising and Managing Your Research
(2007, Sage). See the Organising and Managing your Research website
(http://www.scu.edu.au/omyr/) for more details. 

Journal articles


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Organizational, management and technological skills are critical aspects of research and are often overlooked and...


Book chapters


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Facilitating teacher professional development in complex and dynamic school environments continues to be a challenge...


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The development and delivery of Web-based courses involves more than the development of technical skills....


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"Many universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have come to rely...



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For future generations to maximise their capability to operate within technologically driven economies, it is...


Conference publications

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Giới thiệu về dự án nghiên cứu

Nghiên cứu này được ChildFund Australia khởi xướng...



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Background to the research

This research was initiated by ChildFund Australia as part of its...



Vietnamese children’s perspectives on learning and the provision of primary school education within the rural Na Ri district in Vietnam: pilot project report (with Anne Graham), ChildFund Australia and the Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University (2010)

Developing countries face an urgent imperative to improve the equity, quality, relevance and authenticity of...


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