BA (Hons) - Flinders University 

Grad Dip Psy Prac - University of South Australia 

MSc (Inv Psy) - University of Liverpool, UK 

MPsy (Clin) - Flinders University 

PhD - Flinders University 

My initial training was in Organisational Psychology and my early background is human
resource management where I gained experience in recruitment, selection, training,
personnel development, and project management. I have provided on-call critical incident
stress debriefing following trauma for correctional staff and emergency services
personnel, as well as worked for the Australian Defence Force providing psychology
services and advice to command concerning mental health issues relevant to serving

For the first decade of my career, in addition to management consulting, I assisted
injured workers to return to work under State and Federal worker's compensation
schemes (vocational rehabilitation). Subsequently, I moved into the area of Clinical
Psychology and, later, into Forensic Psychology, training in criminal behaviour analysis
(profiling) and specialising in the psychology of deliberate fire setting. I currently
conduct a successful private practice in Northern NSW, providing a range of forensic
clinical psychology services, working with individuals. 


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