Rebecca Hoye is an organic chemist with interests in strained ring chemistry and
natural product synthesis. She is currently investigating the synthesis of elenic acid, a
marine natural product, that could help fight lung cancer. She is also researching new
synthetic methodology, stereochemistry and organic reaction mechanisms. 

Hoye was the 2005 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award. The annual award
recognizes a Macalester faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching
through classroom instruction, student advising and educational leadership. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Bucknell University M.A., Harvard University Ph.D., University of

Hoye has been teaching at Macalester since 1995. 

Journal Articles


A role for the root cap in root branching revealed by the non-auxin probe naxillin (with B. De Rybel, D. Audenaert, W. Xuan, P. Overvoorde, L. C. Strader, S. Kepinski, R. Brisbois, B. Parizot, S. Vanneste, X. Liu, A. Gilday, I. A. Graham, L. Nguyen, L. Jansen, M. F. Njo, D. Inze, B. Bartel, and T. Beeckman), Nature Chemical Biology (2012)


Total Synthesis of Clathculins A and B (with Gretchen L. Anderson, Susan G. Brown, and Erica E. Schultz), Journal of Organic Chemistry (2010)


The Small Molecule 2-Furylacrylic Acid Inhibits Auxin-Mediated Responses in Arabidopsis thalian (with C Sungur; S Miller; J Bergholz; and Paul Overvoorde, et al.), Plant & Cell Physiology (2007)


Charge Storage Model for Hysteretic Negative-Differential Resistance in Metal-Molecule-Metal Junctions (with R. A. Kiehl, J. D. Le, P. Candra, and T. R. Hoye), Applied Physics Letters (2006)