Dr Rebecca Coyle BEd(State College of Vic) MA(UTS) PhD(Macq)

Rebecca Coyle taught at SCU from 2003, and also at Macquarie University, Sydney, the
University of Technology, Sydney, and for various other institutions in London, Melbourne
and Sydney. Her research interests centred on Australian cultural productions and
critical analysis. She has published on various aspects of radio production, holographic
art, sound art, country music and documentary film. In the last decade, her publications
have coalesced around screen music and sound, and she led a team of researchers on the
four-year ARC Discovery Project DP0770026 ‘Music production and technology in Australian
Film: enabling Australian film to embrace innovation’ from 2007 to 2010. Her most recent
research focused on regional and rural creative industries, and she was a Board Member of
Regional Arts New South Wales. She was also on the Editorial Boards for three scholarly
journals, Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
(Sage); Music and the Moving Image (Steinhardt Centre, NYU); and Metro magazine (ATOM,
Melbourne); as well as Editor for the open access online journal Screen Sound: The
Australasian Journal of Soundtrack Studies http://www.screensoundjournal.org/. 

Journal articles


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In 1990, Christopher Rissel and William Douglas commenced a study of the depiction of environmental...



Subtle idiosyncracy: sound and music in the Australian animated short film 'The Lost Thing' (2010) (with Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward), Screen Sound (2013)

Sean Tan and Andrew Ruhemann’s collaborative screen adaptation of Tan’s graphic short story ‘The Lost...



North of Hollywood north: Bowen Island and screen production networks, Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures (2012)

Bowen Island is located close to the British Columbian metropolis of Vancouver, in southwest Canada....



Musical modernism in Brian May's Australian film scores (with Michael Francis Hannan), Screening the Past (2011)


Activating the teaching-research nexus in smaller universities: case studies highlighting diversity of practice (with William E. Boyd, Meg O'Reilly, Daniel J. Bucher, Kath Fisher, Anja Morton, Peter Lynton Harrison, Elaine Nuske, and Karyn Rendall), Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice (2010)

The teaching-research nexus (TRN) has become an important process in the modern University, providing both...



Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity, School of Arts and Social Sciences Papers (2009)

Animation films are widely consumed in the general population and the study of animation films...


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Over the last decade popular cinema has employed a variety of forms of music. These...


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Long before virtual reality captured the imagination, holography provided artists with a new, challenging, three-dimensional...


Sound in space: adventures of Australian sound art, 26 May - 22 August 1995 / curated by Rebecca Coyle, School of Arts and Social Sciences Papers (1995)

Sound in Space features both new and extant works. The exhibition aims to present exemplary...


Book chapters

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My interest and research into the radio service on Norfolk Island commenced with a three-month...


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