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When Does Extra Risk Strictly Increase an Option’s Value?, Review of Financial Studies (2007)

It is well known that risk increases the value of options. This paper makes that...



Managed Courts under Unstable Political Environments: Recruitments and Resignations in the 1990s Japanese Judiciary (with J. Mark Ramseyer), Journal of Comparative Economics (2007)

Because of the risk of political interference, in countries with managed courts jurists who share...



Strategic Implications of Uncertainty over One's Own Private Value in Auctions, BE Press Journal (2006)

Bidders have to decide whether and when to incur the cost of estimating their own...



The Case for Managed Judges: Learning from Japan after the Political Upheaval of 1993 (with J. Mark Ramseyer), University of Pennsylvania Law Review (2006)

Although the executive branch appoints Japanese Supreme Court justices as it does in the United...



The Economics of Agency Law and Contract Formation, American Law and Economics Review (2004)

This article uses the economic approach to address issues that arise in agency law when...




Law and Game Theory (2007)

This is the introduction and contents list for the forthcoming book, Law and Game Theory,...


Contributions to Books


Norms in Law and Economics (with Richard McAdams), Handbook of Law and Economics, (2007)

Everyone realizes the importance of social norms as guides to behavior and substitutes for law,...



An Economic Approach to Adultery Law, Marriage and Divorce: An Economic Perspective (2002)

A long- term relationship such as marriage will not operate efficiently without sanctions for misconduct,...



Nuisance Suits, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law (1998)

Nuisance suits can be defined a number of ways, explained a number of ways, and...



Signal Jamming and Limit Pricing: A Unified Approach, Public Policy and Economic Analysis (1997)

In signal jamming, an rival uses observed profits to predict profitability, but those profits can...



Defining the Mean-Preserving Spread: 3-pt versus 4-pt (with Emmanuel Petrakis), Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty: New Models and Empirical Findings (1992)

The standard way to define a mean-preserving spread is in terms of changes in the...



Letter: Must Homeowners Lose Wealth When House Prices Fall?, The Economists' Voice (2007)

Paradoxically, Eric Rasmusen argues that a fall in house prices might actually raise the wealth...



Naked Exlusion: Reply (with J. Mark Ramseyer and John Shepard Wiley Jr.), American Economic Review (2000)

Our one- page reply to Whinston and Siegal's forthcoming AER article correcting and elaborating our...



Aphorisms on Writing, Talking, and Listening. (2000)

These are notes on the mechanics of doing research in economics, a series of short,...



Review of Economic Games and Strategic Behavior (1999)

Journal of Economic Literature Review of Economic Games and Strategic Behavior, by Frank Stahler, Cheltenham:...