Dr. Quirino came to Georgia Southern University in 2012 after spending one year as a
postdoctoral Research Associate in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at
Iowa State University, where his research focused on the functionalization of carbon
nanotubes and on the preparation of polyurethanes from vegetable oils. His research group
at GSU is devoted to the development of novel heterogeneous catalysts, the study of the
behavior of carbon nanotubes when exposed to microwaves, and the investigation of
bio-based thermosetting materials. 

Book Chapters


Vegetable Oil-based Resins and Composites (with Michael R. Kessler), Sustainable Composites and Advanced Materials (2012)


Bioplastics, Biocomposites, and Biocoatings from Natural Oils (with Richard C. Larock), Renewable and Sustainable Polymers (2011)

A range of new materials can be obtained by the cationic, free radical, or thermal...




Matrices from Vegetable Oils, Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, and Other Relevant Systems for Biocomposite Applications (with Thomas F. Garrison and Michael R. Kessler), Green Chemistry (2014)

The partial replacement of petroleum-derived plastics and composites by novel bio-based materials from inexpensive, renewable,...



A Novel Microwave-Assisted Carbothermic Route for the Production of Copper-Carbon Nanotube Metal Matrix Composites Directly from Copper Oxide (with Danny Vennerberg and Michael R. Kessler), Advanced Engineering Materials (2013)

Cu2O was reduced to copper via a microwave-assisted carbothermic route using multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)...



Bio-based Thermosetting Polymers from Vegetable Oils (with Ying Xia and Richard C. Larock), Journal of Renewable Materials (2013)

Vegetable oils are promising renewable resources for polymers, due to their low cost, ready availability,...



Sugarcane Bagasse Composites from Vegetable Oils (with Richard C. Larock), Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2012)

Sugarcane bagasse composites have been prepared by the free radical polymerization of regular or modified...



Rh-based Biphasic Isomerization of Carbon–Carbon Double Bonds in Natural Oils (with Richard C. Larock), Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society (2012)

The biphasic conjugation of soybean and other natural oils, as well as the isomerization of...


Masters Thesis

Doctorate Dissertation


Natural Oil-based Composites Reinforced with Natural Fillers, and Conjugation/Isomerization of Carbon-carbon Double Bonds (2011)

The tensile and flexural properties of new thermosetting composites made by the free radical polymerization...