Dr. Raed Al-Tabini, a Jordanian national, holds a Ph.D. in arid and semi-arid land
management and community development from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the
UK. He is a former Deputy President of the Badia Research and Development Center (BRDC)
in Jordan. Dr. Al-Tabini has managed a variety of development projects in the Middle East
and North Africa on such diverse topics as community-based rangeland rehabilitation,
management of scarce water resources, and developing sustainable livelihoods in agro
pastoral communities. He also collaborated on the set-up of the Badia Center for
Ecological Educational. Dr. Al-Tabini is a frequent presenter at international
conferences and is well published in the field of sustainable development; he has
published 25 academic papers and reports. He has served as an academic director with SIT
Study Abroad since the summer of 2007, first with SIT's Appropriate Technology and
Sustainable Development program (now the Water and Environmental Policy in the Middle
East program). In 2007, he also became academic director for SIT's Modernization and
Social Change program. Both programs are based in Jordan. 


Efficient Water Conservation in Agriculture for Growing Urban Water Demands in Jordan (with A.R. Octavio; A,W. Frank; and R. Phillips), Water Policy (2011)

A significant challenge worldwide is to increase food supply to accommodate a population growing to...



Potential for Kochia Prostrata and Perennial Grasses for Rangeland Rehabilitation Efforts in Jordan (with D. Bailey, B. Waldron, J. Libbin, M. Al-Oun, and K. Al-Khlidi), Rangeland Ecology and Management (2010)

Six varieties of forage kochia [Kochia prostrata (L.) Shad.], two Atriplex shrubs native to cold...

Community-based projects in Jordan's Badia: the Anaqeed Al-Khair case study (with B. Gorman, J. Libbin, R. Grassberger, I. Abuamoud, and S. Aloun), Jordan's arid Badia: deepening our understanding (2008)
Community-based rangeland rehabilitation: the Tall ar-Remah case study (with H. Saoub and K. AlKhalidi), Jordan's arid Badia: deeping our understanding (2008)
Drought tolerant plant species in Jordanian Rangeland, Drought tolerant plants in Arabic countries Seminar (2006)

Research Projects

Project Manager, Cooperative IALC/NMSU-BRDC Project “Business and Socioeconomic Assessment of Water and Products for Community-Based Projects in the Badia Region” (2006)

Funding Agencies: USAID/ANE and USAID/Jordan, cooperation with New Mexico State University. (January 2006 till now)

Team Member: “Badia benchmark: Community-Based Optimization of the Management of Scarce Water Resources in Agriculture in West Asia and North Africa”. (2006)

Funded by International Fund for Agricutural Development (IFAD) and Arab Fund for Economic and Social...

Team Member, “Desert of the World Documentation” (2005)

A one year multinational project, funded by the International Arid Lands Consortium (IALC), the project...

Project Manager, “Introduce Organic farming concept to Northern Badia of Jordan” (2003)

A 2 year project, funded by USDA, The project aim to help local farmers to...


Developmental Projects

Team Member: “Developing Sustainable Livelihoods of Agropastoral Communities of West Asia and North Africa (Mashreq & Maghreb Phase III)” (2005)

Funded by International Fund for Agricutural Development (IFAD) and Arab Fund for Economic and Social...

Project Manger, “Sheep and Camel Farm” (2004)

1 year developmental project funded by the Ministry of Planning. The project aim to help...

Team Member, “Badia Ecological and Educational Centre” (2003)

A 3 year project funded by the IALC (University of Arizona), the project aims to...

Team Member, “Technical Cooperation Program Community Based Animal Health Extension Workers” (2003)

A 2 year project funded by the FAO, the project to facilitate public sector development...

Project Manger, “Northern Badia Cluster project: Integrated Farm" (2002)

A 3 year developmental project funded by the Ministry of Planning, 14 villages cluster. The...


Committee Member