Pilar Munday Ph.D. joined the Sacred Heart University faculty in 1994. Her teaching
covers all aspects and levels of the Spanish Language, including Spanish Phonetics,
Linguistics and Culture. Her research includes uses of technology in modern foreign
language instruction, integrating culture in the classroom and different forms of

Degrees: BA in English Philology from the Universidad de Granada (Spain); Ph.D. in
Theoretical Linguistics from New York University. 

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What is a Personal Learning Network (PLN)? Do I really need one?, Office of Digital Learning, Faculty Workshop Series, Spring 2014 (2014)


twitter in a Spanish Conversation Course (And Maybe in Yours), Fall 2013 Faculty Institute on Digital Learning (2013)

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Integrating Interactive Technology to Promote Learner Autonomy: Challenges and Rewards (with Marie A. Hulme, Jaya Kannan, and María Lizano-DiMare), English Faculty Publications (2013)

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2,000+ Essential Spanish Verbs: Learn the Forms, Master the Tenses, and Speak Fluently (with Steven McGroarty and Marcel Danesi), Languages Faculty Publications (2003)

Verb list, glossary, and appendices by Pilar Munday ; verb conjugation charts by Steven McGroarty...



Spanish Without the Fuss, Languages Faculty Publications (2002)