Peter Cebon is a highly experienced researcher, consultant and advisor in the field
of organisational innovation. 

Peter’s professional expertise includes using organisational innovation to create safer
and cleaner operations, and he has completed extensive research at both MIT and Harvard,
as well as in Switzerland. Peter’s research interests include the problem of ‘late
adoption’ during the diffusion of administrative innovations, and knowledge management in
safety and environmental management. His current research involves examining the way new
management practices diffuse through populations of organisations, and the role of
consultants in that process. 

Prior to joining Melbourne Business School, Peter worked at the Swiss Federal Institute
for Environmental Science and Technology, leading a team of 50 scientists and researching
innovation in transportation in response to global warming issues. 

Peter has consulted on organisational and innovation-related matters for various
Australian organisations, and he has also worked extensively for the Victorian



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Popular Press


Simply an unintended consequence of innovation, Australian Financial Review (2008)

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