Latin Literature of the early Republican period is my special research interest. In
particular I'm interested in linguistic characterization in drama and other genres,
register, stylistics, and in general a discourse and pragmatic perspective on ancient
literature. My monograph, tentatively titled "Marginal Voices in Roman Comedy",
analyzes the language of Roman comedy from precisely that perspective, and I am working
on it "pro virili parte". I've published on Roman comedy, but my interests
extend to the reception of the Classics in renaissance and modern literature, Latin
pedagogy, Greek and Roman drama and epic, and Latin poetry of all periods. I've
tried my hand at some Latin verse, too, and you're welcome to check out my Latin
poetry blog, that I've updated now and again since 2006: (comments always welcome!). I also maintain an active
interest in spoken Latin as co-organizer of the Conventiculum Bostoniense; check out what
we do at 



Of Calves and (Old) Men: A Pun at Epidicus 187 and 666: Forthcoming, Mnemosyne (2014)

ABSTRACT: The article argues for a pun in two passages in the Roman comedian Plautus'...

Quid Ais and Female Speech in Roman Comedy, Hermes Zeitschrift für Klassische Philologie (Forthcoming, 2014 pub. year tentative) (2014)

ABSTRACT: Quid ais has as its two main functions in Latin to express surprise (“what...

The First Person Plural "Hortatory" Subjunctive in Plautus and Terence (pub. year tentative), Rheinisches Museum Für Klassische Philologie (2014)

ABSTRACT: This piece demonstrates some patterns in Plautus' and Terence's use of the 1st person...




Review of Manuwald, Gesine (2011) Roman Republican Theatre (Cambridge: Cambridge UK), Classical Review (2013)

Review of Gesine Manuwald's Roman Republican Theatre



Review of Gesine Manuwald, Roman Drama: A Reader. London: Duckworth, 2010., Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2011)

A review of Gesine Manuwald's anthology of Roman dramatic texts.


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Citharistes -- Latin Poetry Blog (2006)

Latin Poetry Blog sporadically updated by author since 2006.