Pennie Sessler-Branden, Ph.D., is Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing at Sacred
Heart University. 

Degrees: BSN, MSN in Maternal Child Health and Midwifery; CNM, PhD in Nursing Education. 

Specialty or Specialist Certification/Training: Certified Nurse Midwife: Maternal Child
Health and Well Women OB/GYN. 

Professional Experience: As a CNM: Total of 20+ years in women’s health settings. As an
educator: 8+ yrs of experience teaching in BSN & MSN Programs at SCSU, Quinnipiac
University (adjunct) and Univ. of Miami for 1 year. 

Primary Professional Service/Affiliation: ACNM (American College of Nurse Midwives) ANA
(American Nurses’ Association) & CAN (CT Nurses’ Association) NLN (National League
for Nursing ) & CLN (CT League for Nursing) STTI (Sigma Theta Tau International)
INDEN (International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing) ENRS (Eastern Nursing
Research Society) 



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