Dr. Pengyu Zhu joined the faculty at Boise State University in 2011 after earning
his Ph.D. in Policy, Planning and Development from the University of Southern California
in Los Angeles. He also has an M.S. in Forestry with a specialty in Forestry Economics
from Auburn University and an M.S. in Human Geography with a specialty in City and
Regional Planning from Nanjing University in China. 

Dr. Zhu's research interests include transportation, economic development and land

Refereed Journal Articles


The Impact of Telecommuting on Personal Vehicle Usage and Environmental Sustainability (with Susan G. Mason), International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (2014)

To understand whether telecommuting could be part of the policy solutions for greenhouse gas (GHG)...



Does Residence in an Ethnic Community Help Immigrants in a Recession? (with Cathy Yang Liu and Gary Painter), Regional Science and Urban Economics (2013)

Research on how the residential segregation of immigrant populations has impacted their labor market outcomes...



Telecommuting, Household Commute and Location Choice, Urban Studies (2013)

Previous empirical studies have made contributions to the understanding of the impact of telecommuting on...



Donor States and Donee States: Investigating Geographic Redistribution of the US Federal-Aid Highway Program 1974-2008 (with Jeffrey R. Brown), Transportation (2013)

In 2009, the US government spent more than $42 billion on the federal-aid highway program....



Are Telecommuting and Personal Travel Complements or Substitutes?, Annals of Regional Science (2012)

Whether telecommuting and personal travel are complements or substitutes is a key question in urban...


Contributions to Books

Understanding Large Land Holders on the Urban Fringe: A Supply-Side Perspective (with Raphael W. Bostic), The Impact of Large Landowners on Land Markets (2009)



Boise City-Nampa MSA Employment and Industry Analysis (with Susan Mason, John Van Dyke, Debbie Kaylor, and Phil Gardner), Collegiate Employment/Workforce Readiness Report, Boise State University (2013)

This report is the first component of a four-part study on skills alignment of Boise...