Dr. Pengyu Zhu joined the faculty in the Department of Public Policy and
Administration in 2011 after earning his Ph.D. in Policy, Planning and Development from
the University of Southern California. He has taught courses on transportation and land
use, transportation economics, economics applications to planning and policy, research
methods, and urban design and site plan studios. 

Dr. Zhu’s research focuses on four areas: Transportation--Land Use--Urban Form nexus;
Travel Behavior and Location Choice; Links between Transportation and Economic
Development (e.g. mobility, accessibility and labor market success; transportation
finance and the economic impacts of transportation infrastructure); International
Development Issues (e.g. high-speed rail investment and urban development in China). 

His work has been published in journals such as Landscape and Urban Planning, Annals of
Regional Sciences, Transportation, Urban Studies, Urban Geography, Regional Science and
Urban Economics, and International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. In
2011, he was awarded the 25th Charles M. Tiebout Prize in Regional Science. In 2014, he
was awarded the Regional Science Springer Prize, for outstanding paper in the field of
Regional Science. Before joining academia, he has worked as Chief Planner and Project
Manager in several international urban planning and design firms. 

Refereed Journal Articles

High-speed Rail and Urban Decentralization in China (with Tao Yu and Zhao Chen), Transportation Research Record (2015)

Land Expropriation in Urbanization China: an Examination of Negotiations and Compensation (with Hui Wang, Xiao Chen, and Sarah Swider), Urban Geography (2015)


The Impact of Telecommuting on Personal Vehicle Usage and Environmental Sustainability (with Susan G. Mason), International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (2014)

To understand whether telecommuting could be part of the policy solutions for greenhouse gas (GHG)...



Do Residents of Smart Growth Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, Travel “Smarter”? (with Hongwei Dong and Cifang Wu), Transportation Research Record (2014)

With the individual trip diary from the recent 2009 National Household Travel Survey, a study...



Smart Growth in Two Contrastive Metropolitan Areas: A Comparison Between Portland and Los Angeles (with Hongwei Dong), Urban Studies (2014)

This study compares urban landscapes in the Portland and Los Angeles metropolitan areas at the...


Contributions to Books

Understanding Large Land Holders on the Urban Fringe: A Supply-Side Perspective (with Raphael W. Bostic), The Impact of Large Landowners on Land Markets (2009)



Boise City-Nampa MSA Employment and Industry Analysis (with Susan Mason, John Van Dyke, Debbie Kaylor, and Phil Gardner), Collegiate Employment/Workforce Readiness Report, Boise State University (2013)

This report is the first component of a four-part study on skills alignment of Boise...