Comparative Constitutional Epics, Law & Literature (2009)

This essay takes up Robert Cover's account, in Nomos and Narrative of Constitutional Epics. Ranging...

Constitutional Solipsism: Toward a Thick Doctrine of Article III Duty; or Why the Federal Circuits’ Nonprecedential Status Rules Are (Profoundly) Unconstitutional, William & Mary Bill of Rights J. (2009)

Constitutional Solipsism is the fourth in a series of articles on aspects of the private...

Editor’s Introduction, Symposium on Paul Rabinow’s “Prosperity, Amelioration, Flourishing: From a Logic of Practical Judgment to Reconstruction: An Account of His Work with SynBERC", Law & Literature (2009)

This is the Editor's Introduction to a special written symposium on Paul Rabinow’s “Prosperity, Amelioration,...

What is due to Others: Speaking and Signifying Subject(s) of Rape Law, 18 Griffith Law Review 237 (2009)

Australian journalist Paul Sheehan's representation of the alleged and convicted immigrant Muslim/Arab rapists he demonises...



"Militant Judgement?: Judicial Ontology, Constitutional Poetics, and 'The Long War'", Cardozo Law Review (2008)

This Article, a contribution to the Cardozo Law Review symposium in honor of Alain Badiou's...



"'No-one Does That Any More': On Tushnet, Constitutions, and Others", Quinnipiac Law Review (2008)

In this contribution to the Quinnipiac Law Review's annual symposium edition, this year devoted to...



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Sorcerers’ Apprentices is the third in a series of articles examining various aspects of the...



"Regarding the Miller Girls: Daisy, Judith, and the Seeming Paradox of In re Grand Jury Subpoena, Judith Miller" The New Exceptionalism: Law and Literaturte Since 9/11 Symposium, Law and Literature (2007)

“Daisy Miller” is a story about American Exceptionalism; about the banal and tawdry tragedy that...



"The Prose and the Passion", Meanjin Special Issue "The Long Arm: On Crime & Law" (2007)

This essay takes the late Robert Cover's insight that "No set of legal institutions or...

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