What are Transitions For? Atrocity, International Criminal Justice, and the Political, Quinnipiac Law Review (2014)

This essay offers an answer to the question of what societies afflicted by atrocities ought...



Reconstructing Constitutional Punishment, Washington University Jurisprudence Review (2014)

Constitutional orders punish — and they punish abundantly. However, analysis of the constitutionality of punishment...



Por um Law no Mundo: Fundamentos Jusfilosóficos do Instituto da Adoção como Direito Humano, Revista de Direito Administrativo (2013)

Este ensaio articula os fundamentos jusfilosóficos do direito humano e cosmopolita dos jovens privados de...



Fact Therapy: Review of William J. Stunz's The Collapse of American Justice, Commonweal (2012)

Book review of "The Collapse of American Criminal Justice" by William J. Stuntz.



Finding Home in the World: A Deontological Theory of the Right to Be Adopted, New York Law School Law Review (2011)

Because of the continued dominance of consequentialist views, the deontological paradigm that emerges in the...



Punishing Cruelly: Punishment, Cruelty, and Mercy, Criminal Law and Philosophy (2008)

What is cruelty? How and why does it matter? What do the legal rejection of...



The Idea of Equality and Affirmative Actions, Lua Nova (2004)

The article starts out from a concise reconstruction of the republican and the democratic ideals...



Forthcoming Publications


The Jurisprudence of Cruelty in Criminal Law, (2014)

This article identifies and explains four conceptions of cruelty in criminal law and reconstructs the...


Works in Progress

Imagination and Formalism in Law (2014)

Contribution to edited volume celebrating the 25th year of publication of Martti Koskenniemi’s From Apology...

Law and Imagination in Latin America (2014)

Contribution to the book Frontiers of Contemporary Legal Thought.




The Great Alliance: History, Reason, and Will in Modern Law, Lecture Series on Legal Philosophy between State and Transnationalism, Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University (2013)

This article offers an interpretation of the intellectual and political nineteenth-century origins of modern law....

Law as Moral Imagination: The Great Alliance and the Future of Law, Presentation of book manuscript in the Faculty Speaker Series at the University of Colorado Law School (2011)
Intellectual Projects and Academic Careers in Law, Presentation in the Harvard Law School Graduate Program (2010)
Missing the Transition from Emergency Relief to Systemic Development in Haiti, Panelist at The NUSL International Law Society and The Northeastern Law Forum (2010)
Constitutional Equality and Racial Inequality, Works in Progress Lecture Series of Boston College’s African & African Diaspora Studies Program (2009)
Foundations of Constitutional Punishment, Graduate Program Colloquium (2009)
The Human Rights of the Child and the Hague Int’l Adoption System, Guest lecture in Art of Social Change: Child Welfare, Education, and Juvenile Justice (2009)
Eighth Amendment: Theory and Remedies, Eighth Amendment Seminar (2008)
Individuals, Families, Communities, or Cultures? An Analysis of the Hague System Safeguards, Adoption Policy Conference, sponsored by Harvard Law School Child Advocacy Program, Center for Adoption Policy, and Justice Action Center (2008)
The Great Alliance: Rationalism, Historicism, and Positivism in the Formation of Modern Law, European Law Research Center and Harvard European Law Association (2007)
Four Legal Conceptions of Cruelty in American, Comparative, and International Law, Faculty Workshop, Committee on Degrees in Social Studies (2006)
Rationalist and Historicism in Law and Politics, Rio de Janeiro University Research Institute (2006)
Towards a European Legal Method, Harvard Law School (2006)
A Theory of Constitutional Equality, Presentation in the Graduate Program Colloquium (2005)