My research is broadly focused on tectonic and structural geology problems with
particular interest in magmatic systems. My graduate students and I work on problems
ranging from Paleozoic and Mesozoic terrane accretion, to detailed studies of upper
crustal intrusive bodies, to active faulting. These studies have employed classic
structural techniques (e.g. geologic mapping), petrology-geochemistry and geochronology,
and a variety of geophysical techniques (e.g. gravity and magnetic surveys). These
studies have also been conducted all around the world including Romania, Armenia, Mexico,
Nicaragua, Canada, and the U.S. Cordilleran. We have a very collaboration-friendly
faculty here in the Geology Dept. at USF with a wide variety of problems and
subdisciplines available. I am always seeking talented, quantitative and productive
students interested in working on exciting projects while earning either an M.S. or Ph.D.



Geometry of the Trachyte Mesa Intrusion, Henry Mountains, Utah: Implications for the Emplacement of Small Melt Volumes Into the Upper Crust (with Charles B. Connor, Sarah E. Kruse, Sean Callihan, Geoffrey Pignotta, Ciprian Stremtan, and Andrea Burke), Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems (2009)

The Trachyte Mesa intrusion is one of several small satellite bodies to the larger intrusions...