Paul R. Tremblay is a Clinical Professor of Law at Boston College Law School. A
member of the faculty since 1982, he teaches clinical courses at BC Legal Services LAB
within the Center for Experiential Learning. He served as the Associate Dean for
Experiential Learning until 2015. Professor Tremblay also teaches a professional
responsibility course each year. Prior to his appointment at Boston College Law School,
Professor Tremblay was a Senior Attorney at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles and
an instructor at UCLA School of Law. 

Professor Tremblay directs the Community Enterprise Clinic, Boston College Law School’s
transactional clinical course. In the Community Enterprise Clinic, students represent
low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.
The mission of the Community Enterprise Clinic is to support economic progress in
under-resourced neighborhoods, and to offer a vibrant educational experience to students
interested in business law, transactional work, and community economic development. 

Before developing the transactional clinic, Professor Tremblay taught civil litigation
and housing law clinics at LAB. 

Professor Tremblay is actively involved in matters of professional ethics, transactional
practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and legal services for the poor. He has been a
member of the Boston Bar Association Ethics Committee since 1993, and a board member of
Lawyers Clearinghouse since 2010. He has also served on the Executive Committee of the
AALS Section on Professional Responsibility. He is the co-author of two textbooks used in
law school clinics around the country, and more than 25 law review articles. 

Professor Tremblay was the recipient of the 2004 Outstanding Advocate for Clinical
Teachers Award from the Clinical Legal Education Association and was awarded the Emil
Slizewski Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008. 


Lawyers as Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach (with David A. Binder, Paul Bergman, and Ian S. Weinstein) (2011)
Lawyers as Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach (with David A. Binder, Paul Bergman, and Susan C. Price) (2004)



Transactional Legal Services, Triage, and Access to Justice, Washington University Journal of Law & Policy (2015)


Foreword: The Carnegie Foundation Report and Innovations in Experiential Education (with Sharon L. Beckman), Boston College Journal of Law & Social Justice (2012)


Lawyers and the New Institutionalism (with Judith McMorrow), University of St. Thomas Law Journal (2011)


Counseling Community Groups, Clinical Law Review (2010)

Contributions to Books

Researching Ethical Issues, Ethical Lawyering in Massachusetts (2015)


Professional Ethical Rules for Doctors and Lawyers in Interdisciplinary Practice (with Paula Galowitz, Jerome Tichner, and Steven Blatt), Poverty, Health and Law: Readings and Cases for Medical-Legal Partnership (2011)


Multicultural Lawyering: Heuristics and Biases (with Carwina Weng), The Affective Assistance of Counsel: Practicing Law as a Healing Profession (2007)


Researching Ethical Issues, Ethical Lawyering in Massachusetts (2002)

Unpublished Papers

Transactional Clinic Seminar Companion (with Alicia Alvarez) (2012)

Selected Professional Activities

Group Facilitator, Transactional Law: Small Business, Tax, IP, Clinical Law Review Writers Workshop, New York University School of Law (2015)
Ethical Issues for Advertising Lawyers, Practising Law Institute (2015)
The New Normal and Our Social Justice Mission, AALS 38th Annual Conference on Clinical Legal Education (2015)
Scholarship: Why, What, Where, and How?, 14th Annual Transactional Clinical Conference (2015)