Dosh is an expert on Latin American politics. He became interested in Latin America
while in Nicaragua during the Contra War, and has since lived in Peru, Ecuador, and Costa
Rica. He is involved in organizations working on immigration, sweatshop labor, and
prisoner rights issues. 

Dosh has published on pedagogy, human rights, and urban segregation; and he is working on
a book about illegal land invasions in South American cities. 

Dosh has been teaching at Macalester since 2004. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Carleton College; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 

Journal Articles


Women’s Voices on the Executive Council: Popular Organizations and Resource Battles in Bolivia and Ecuador (with Nicole Kligerman and James Lerager), Latin American Perspectives (2010)


Correa vs. Social Movements: Showdown in Ecuador (with Nicole Kligerman), NACLA Report on the Americas (2009)


Under Fire: Ecuador's Acción Ecológica (with Nicole Kligerman), NACLA Report on the Americas (2009)


Popular Press

Lima’s Leftist Mayor Defeated by Four Years of Right-Wing Attacks (with Julia Smith and Ximena Rodríguez Medina), (2014)


What Happened To Progressive Politics In Lima? (with Julia Smith), (2014)


Development with Dignity: Partnership, Space, and Empowerment in Bolivia and Peru (with Emily Hedin), International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (2010)

Building Dignity: From Scholarship to Activism (with Emily Hedin), University of Nebraska at Lincoln (2010)



Portraits of Leadership: Women and Resource Battles in Bolivia and Ecuadore; Documentary Photography & Research Project (with Nicole Kligerman, James Lerager, Jesus Valencia, and Cesar Flores) (2010)