Schmidt's teaching and research interests range widely in the category of
"all things legal," but begin in constitutional law and judicial behavior, and
find their home in what is known as the "law and society" tradition. A special
interest is lawyers: what they do, what they think they do, and what they say they think
they do. 

Schmidt also conducts research into bureaucracies and government regulation of society.
His current projects including the study of disclosure and Freedom of Information,
collegiality on the Supreme Court, and human rights litigation in the U.S. 

Schmidt has been teaching at Macalester since 2006. 

EDUCATION: B.A., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University 

Journal Articles


Book Review: Policing the Markets: Inside the Black Box of Securities Enforcement by James W. Williams, Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions (2014)


The 2014 presidential and early parliamentary elections in Macedonia (with Mary Stegmaier), Electoral Studies (2014)


The Dutch Confession: Compliance, Leadership, and National Identity in the Human Rights Order (with Erik Larson and Wilbo van Rossum), Utrecht Law Review (2014)


Contributions to Books

Transparency, Consumers and the Pursuit of an Open Internet: A Critical Appraisal (with Jeremy Carp and Isabella Kulkarni), Regulating the Web : network neutrality and the fate of the open Internet (2013)


The Ethical Lives of Securities Lawyers, Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decision Making in Context (2012)


How to Decorate Glass Houses: Culture, Ideology, and Bureaucracy in the Transparency-Privacy Divide in the United States, Contemporary Challenges to the Scope of the Right of Access to Information conference, Södertörn University (2010)

Securities Lawyers and the Ethical Quagmires of Disclosure, Lawyers in Practice conference, Baldy Center for Law and Society, University of Buffalo (2010)