Dr Pascal Scherrer GradCert TESOL(Bond), BSc(GRIFF), BSc(HON)(GRIFF), PhD(GRIFF) 

Dr Pascal Scherrer is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Tourism at Southern
Cross University (SCU), New South Wales, Australia. With a background in environmental
science and ecotourism, Pascal’s main research interest is in sustainable tourism and
visitor management in natural and cultural landscapes, addressing the areas of
environmental, social and cultural impacts and their relationship. His research
experience spans a variety of contexts, including coastal, island, indigenous, remote and
protected area settings. His skills in geographic information systems (GIS) and long-term
monitoring techniques support both research and management outcomes. Recent projects
include work towards the development of a cultural visitor impact monitoring system for
the Kimberley coast; a sustainable visitor capacity assessment of Rottnest Island
recreation and tourism use; an assessment of environmental and social impacts of
Kimberley expedition cruise tourism; and collaborative projects with social marketing and
leisure researchers on health aspects of tourism and leisure. Dr Scherrer has a PhD in
Environmental Science from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) with
majors in Environmental Science and Ecotourism. 

Journal articles


Monitoring and evaluating volunteer tourism: a review and analytical framework (with Jessica Taplin and Dianne Dredge), Journal of Sustainable Tourism (2014)

The rapid expansion and commercialisation of the volunteer tourism sector and the potential for negative...



Taming wicked problems: towards a resolution of tourism access to Traditional Owner lands in the Kimberley region, Australia (with Kim Doohan), Journal of Sustainable Tourism (2014)

This paper names and describes the longstanding issue of tourism access to the Kimberley coast...



Facing divergent supply and demand in Australian caravanning: learnings from the evolution of caravan park site-mix options in Tweed Shire (with Rod W. Caldicott), Journal of Vacation Marketing (2013)

The caravan park sector of the Australian leisure accommodation industry currently provides 50% of...



It's not about believing: exploring the transformative potential of cultural acknowledgement in an Indigenous tourism context (with Kim Doohan), Asia Pacific Viewpoint (2013)

This paper directly challenges the persisting argument that in the host–(uninvited) guest relationship of Kimberley...



Monitoring alpine vegetation change, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (2011)

The alpine zone in Australia's Snowy Mountains has important economic, cultural and ecological values. It...



Tourism and the Kimberley coastal waterways: a review of environmental and cultural aspects of expedition cruising along the Kimberley coast, Western Australia: photobook (with Charmaine Williams), School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (2008)

This is an overview of a photobook designed to complement a technical report. The photobook...


Book chapters


An integrated approach to strategic asset management (with Kerry A. Brown, Martin Laue, Javier Tafur, Muhammad Nateque Mahmood, and Robyn L. Keast), Infranomics: sustainability, engineering design and governance (2014)

This chapter focuses on identifying and analysing the elements of Strategic Management for infrastructure and...



Integrated strategic asset management: frameworks and dimensions (with Martin Laue, Kerry A. Brown, and Robyn L. Keast), Infranomics: sustainability, engineering design and governance (2014)

Comprehensive asset management should be embedded in organisations through the temporal, organisational and spatial dimensions....


Visiting the roof of Australia: opportunities and challenges for geotourism (with Catherine M. Pickering), Global geotourism perspectives (2010)

Case studies

Marketing wine and wine tourism in the ‘fortunate islands': case study (with Abel Duarte Alonso and Lynnaire Sheridan), Entrepreneurship and small business management in the hospitality industry (2009)


Integrated strategic asset management: frameworks and dimensions (with Martin Laue, Kerry Brown, and Robyn L. Keast), Third International Engineering Systems Symposium CESUN 2012 (2012)

In this paper we build on the conceptualisation that asset management is embedded in organisations...



Monitoring vegetation change in the Kosciuszko alpine zone, Australia, PhD thesis, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Qld. (2004)

This thesis examined vegetation change over the last 43 years in Australia's largest contiguous alpine...


Factors influencing the density of Lantana camara L. (Verbenaceae) in subtropical rainforest, Honours thesis, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Qld. (1998)

A study conducted in Springbrook and Lamington National Parks by
Scherrer (1998) attempted to identify factors...


Conference publications

Programme monitoring and evaluation in volunteer tourism: towards a critical approach (with Jessica Taplin and Dianne Dredge), Tourism and global change: on the edge of something big: CAUTHE 2013 Conference handbook and book of abstracts (2013)

The practices of volunteer tourism organisations and volunteer tourists are coming under increasing scrutiny due...


Assessing sustainable visitor capacity for small island destinations: the case of Rottnest Island, Australia (with Jeremy Northcote and James Macbeth), School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (2010)

Small island destinations present some unique challenges when it comes to visitor management, such as...


Back to the future: overcoming the fear to engage, Joint Tourism Research Seminar (2010)

In Australia and many parts of the world, protected area managers face the challenge of...


Expedition cruising along Australia's remote Kimberley coast (with Ross Kingston Dowling and A J. Smith), Second International Cruise Conference: The cruise industry: emerging issues, problems and solutions (2010)

Expedition Cruising is growing rapidly around the world. One emerging destination is the Kimberley Coast...


Because numbers do matter: refining the sustainable visitor capacity framework (with Jeremy Northcote and James Macbeth), The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) (2009)

Visitation to natural areas continues to raise an array of management challenges despite the availability...



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