Paolo P. Gujilde is an Asssitant Professor and Coordinator of Collection Development
at Zach S. Henderson Library. He received his M.S. in Library and Information Science
from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 



Defining Diversity in Libraries, Library Journal's Academic Newswire (2015)


A Journey in Four Languages, Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (2013)

Conference Talk/Panel Presentations


Are We Doing Enough?: Defining Reality, Making Connections, and Building Collections, Charleston Conference 2015 Trends and Takeaways Webcast (2015)


Are We Doing Enough?: Four Stories of Diversity in Library Collections (with Jade Alburo, Eugenia Beh, and Regina Gong), Charleston Conference (2015)

Do your collections reflect the diversity of your constituents? Are you equipped to meet the...


Collection Development at Different Stages: A Panel of Three Georgia Universities in Transition (with Ana Guimaraes, Julie Higbee, and Bonnie Morris), Georgia COMO Conference (2015)

In this session, a panel of collection development librarians from three USG universities - University...


What We Don’t Have…”: Utilizing Faculty Feedback in Collection Development (with Jessica Minihan), Georgia Council of Media Organizations (2015)

As budgets become increasingly tight, librarians are more wary of spending money on resources that...


Microaggression: It’s No Small Matter (with J Brewer and D. K. McNeil), Texas Library Association (2015)

Microaggressions are brief and common verbal and behavioral actions that may be hostile and lead...


Conference Poster Presentations


Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Multi-Year Circulation Statistical Story, Charleston Conference (2015)

In the past few years, Georgia Southern University (GSU) have been assessing its collection to...


APAHM Symposia: Bridging APA Communities in the Southeast Through Collaborations (with T Sung and R. M. Marable-Bunch), Asian Pacific American Library Association 35th Anniversary Symposium (2015)

Bridging APA Communities of Metro Atlanta Through Library Collections (with C Hsu Gross, T Sung, and M Lee), Asian Pacific American Library Association 35th Anniversary Symposium (2015)

The “Media Room”: A New Content Creation Space, Illinois Library Association Conference (2012)

In the Spring of 2010, the new Information Technology Library of Robert Morris University –...


Application of Archival Methodologies: A Progress Report on the Cunningham Children’s Home Archives Project (with Rebecca Crist), Society of American Archivist Annual Conference (2009)

Digital Commons Promotional/Instructional Materials


Zach S. Henderson Library Brochure (with Ashley D. Lowery), Ashley D. Lowery (2014)


Zach S. Henderson Library Brochure for Faculty (with Ashley D. Lowery), Digital Commons Promotional and Instructional Materials (2014)