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Patents in Science: An Economic & Social Perspective, Srividhya Ragavan, Dhwani, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (2014)
Patents and the Progress Limitation, Srividhya Ragavan, Texas A&M Law School Faculty Speaker Series (2014)
Voices of the Future, Panel Discussion and Presentation, Srividhya Ragavan, Confederation of Indian Industries (2014)
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Top 10 Papers in SelectedWorks @ University of Oklahoma College of Law *

  1. Genocide-at-Law: An Historic and Contemporary View of the Native American Experience, Rennard J. Strickland, University of Kansas Law Review (1986).
  2. The Discretionary Function Exception of the Federal Tort Claims Act, Osborne M. Reynolds Jr., Georgetown Law Journal (1968).
  3. General Mills Turns to 'Raja Of The Country Of World Peace' To Certify Its Costlier, Non-GMO Cheerios, Drew L. Kershen, (2014).
  4. Protection of Traditional Knowledge, Srividhya Ragavan, Minnesota Intellectual Property Review (2001).
  5. Tontine Pensions: A Solution to the State and Local Pension Underfunding Crisis, Jonathan B. Forman and Michael J. Sabin, ExpressO (2014).
  6. Crowdsourced Coursebooks, Stephen E. Henderson and Joseph T. Thai, Alberta Law Review (2014).
  7. GM Crops in the Courts: Three Recent US Patent Decisions, Drew L. Kershen, Landes Bioscience (2013).
  8. Implementing the National Policy of Understanding, Preserving, and Safeguarding the Heritage of Indian Peoples and Native Hawaiians: Human Rights, Sacred Objects, and Cultural Patrimony, Rennard J. Strickland, Arizona State Law Journal (1992).
  9. Money, Money Everywhere but not a Drop to Secure: A Proposal for Amending the Perfection Rules for Security Interests in Money and Deposit Accounts, Brian M. McCall, Tennessee Law Review (2007).
  10. Housing Policy in the People's Republic of China: Successes and Disappointments, Joyce Palomar and Jianbo Lou, ExpressO (2007).
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