PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, 2006 

M.A. In Middle East Studies, Tel Aviv University, 2000 

B.A. In Political Science and Middle East Studies, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, 1996

Book Chapters


Structured Encounters in Post-Conflict/Post-Yugoslav Days: Visiting Belgrade and Prishtina, Civil Society and Transitional Justice in the Balkans (2013)

Journal Articles

Alternative calendars and memory work in Serbia: anti-war activism after Milošević, Memory Studies (Fourthcoming) (2015)

This article analyzes the continuation of anti-war groups and activists in Serbia who were in...



'It Was Like Fighting a War with Our Own People': Anti-War Activism in Serbia during the 1990’s, Nationalities Papers (2011)

This article discusses anti-war and anti-nationalism activism that took place in Serbia and, particularly, in...



Breaking States of Denial: Anti-Occupation Activism in Israel after 2000, Genro (2008)

How does denial affect societies in conflict? What is the role of denial, when it...



Alternative Voices in Public Urban Spaces: Serbia's Women in Black, Ethnologia Balkanica (2006)

This article presents a study of mobilization into a specific type of political contention--anti-nationalist, anti-militarist,...


Book Reviews

Conference Papers & Presentations


Labors of Memory: Mnemonic Battles in Israel and Serbia, Perspectives in (post)conflict academia and society: Opening spaces for critically assessing and rethinking history and memory. (2013)


Teaching Memory and Conflict: Regarding the pain of others? Or rethinking citizenship and responsibility?, Conflict, Memory, and Reconciliation: Bridging past, present, and future (January 10-13, 2012) (2012)

2011 marked twenty years since the beginning of the violent dissolution of the former Yugoslavia,...



Serbia after Milosevic, Boundaries, Identities and Contention: Twenty Years after the Fall of Yugoslavia (2010)
The memory of Srebrenica: a view from Serbia, Fostering Multicultural Competence and Global Justice: an SIT Symposium (2010)

Srebrenica, previously a small unknown town in eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina, has become a symbol for the...


Unpublished Manuscripts


In Search of Equality: a Jewish-Palestinian Encounter in the former Yugoslavia (2007)

This article traces and analyses the experience of a Jewish-Palestinian study group of 23 undergraduate...



2008 Presidential Elections in Serbia, Hagada Hasmalit (2008)
An Independent Kosovo? A Look from Serbia, Hagada Hasmalit (2007)
After Milosevic, Haaretz (2006)