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Steady-State and Transient Performance of Oman Transmission System with 200MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Omar H. Abdalla, Oman Electricity Transmission Company
Rashid S. Al-Badwawi, Oman Electricity Transmission Company
Hilal S. Al-Hadi, Oman Electricity Transmission Company
Hisham A. Al-Riyami, Oman Electricity Transmission Company
Ahmed Al-Nadabi, Oman Electricity Transmission Company


The paper presents steady-state and transient studies to assess the impact of a 200MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant connection on the Main Interconnected Transmission System (MITS) of Oman. The CSP plant consists mainly of a solar field with parabolic trough collectors, two thermal storage tanks, heat exchangers, piping systems, steam turbine, and electric generator. Two proposed locations are considered to connect the CSP plant to MITS: Manah and Adam 132/33kV grid stations in Al-Dakhiliah region. The transmission grid model of 2015 has been updated to include the simulation of the proposed 200MW CSP at either Manah or Adam. The DIgSILENT PowerFactory professional software is used. The results include percentage of transmission line loadings, percentage of transformer loadings, busbar voltages, grid losses, in addition to 3-phase and 1-phase fault levels. Also, simulation studies have been performed to assess the transmission system transient responses to the CSP outage. Steady state and transient analyses have shown that the connection of the CSP plant at Manah or Adam to the transmission system is acceptable. The transient responses have proved that the system remains stable when it is subjected to the CSP plant outage.

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Omar H. Abdalla, Rashid S. Al-Badwawi, Hilal S. Al-Hadi, Hisham A. Al-Riyami, and Ahmed Al-Nadabi. "Steady-State and Transient Performance of Oman Transmission System with 200MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant" The 10th World Wind Energy Conference and Renewable Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, on 31st October to 2nd November, 2011. (2011).
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