Should Smaller Countries Be More Protectionist? The Diversification Motive for Tariffs (with James Gaisford), Review of International Economics (2014)

This paper examines the diversification motive for tariffs under trade-related uncertainty when there is incomplete...



Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights: Industry Variation and Technology Diffusion, Canadian Journal of Economics (2011)

The WTO inspired strengthening of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in developing countries remains highly controversial...



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Despite over 20 years of debate, the TRIPs agreement remains very contentious. This paper evaluates...


Working papers


Intellectual Property Protection and the Industrial Composition of Multinational Activity (with Walter Park and Kamal Saggi) (2014)

In a North-South model with endogenous FDI, we examine the impact of Southern IPR protection...



The Employment and Wage Impact of Broadband Deployment in Canada (with Matthew Boland) (2014)

Billions of dollars are spent to subsidize broadband deployment worldwide. This paper provides the first...