Top 10 Papers in SelectedWorks @ Oklahoma City University School of Law *

  1. National Report: The Law of Surrogate Motherhood in the United States, carla spivack, 58 Am. J. Comp. L. 97-114 (2010).
  2. Current Issues in Negotiable Instruments Law, Deposit Accounts and Payment Transactions, Alvin C. Harrell and Robert T. Luttrell III, 64 Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report 316-330 (2010).
  3. Video Surveillance and the Constitution of Public Space: Fitting the Fourth Amendment to a World That Tracks Image and Identity, Marc J. Blitz, 82 Texas Law Review 1349-1481 (2004).
  4. The Corporate Director's Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty: Understanding the Self-Interested Director Transaction, Norwood Beveridge, 41 DePaul Law Review 665-88 (1992).
  5. Defining the Business Necessity Defense to the Disparate Impact Cause of Action: Finding the Golden Mean, Andrew C. Spiropoulos, 74 North Carolina Law Review 1478-1557 (1995).
  6. The Citation of Wikipedia in Judicial Opinions, Lee F. Peoples, 12 Yale Journal of Law and Technology 1 (2009).
  7. Background on HJR 1026--Amending the Oklahoma Constitution's Right to Keep and Bear Arms, March 11, Michael P. O'Shea (2014).
  8. Amended Brief Amici Curiae of Professors Nicholas J. Johnson, David B. Kopel, and Michael P. O’Shea in Support of Defendant-Appellant, People v. Aguilar, No. 112116, Illinois Supreme Court, Michael P. O'Shea (2011).
  9. The Internal Affairs Doctrine: The Proper Law of a Corporation, Norwood Beveridge, 44 Business Law 693-719 (1989).
  10. The Role of Gender in a Structured Sentencing System: Equal Treatment, Policy Choices, and the Sentencing of Female Offenders Under the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Barry L. Johnson and Ilene H. Nagel, 85 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 181-221 (1994).
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Updated as of 01/21/15