My main research interests include: International Economics (volatility in exchange
rate and international trade; exchange rate pass-through, hysteresis in international
trade); monetary policy and interest rate pass-through; International Business and
Finance; inter-generational transfer; workers' remittance; extrinsic uncertainties
(corruption, armed conflict, polity, military expenditure) and economic growth. 

Open Economy Macroeconomics


The First and Second Stage Pass-through of Exchange Rates: A Developing Country Perspective (with Nick Horsewood and Somnath Sen), Review of Development Economics (2014)

This paper investigates the validity of the conventional wisdom that, unlike in developed countries, exchange...



Exchange Rate Pass-Through to External and Internal Prices: A Developing Country Perspective (with M.S. Rahman, M.A. Majumder, and S Sen), Journal of Applied Business and Economics (2013)

We estimate the exchange rate pass-through to external and internal prices of a developing country,...



Does A Real Devaluation Improve The Balance Of Trade?: Empirics From Bangladesh Economy, Journal of Developing Areas (2012)

Similar to many other developing countries Bangladesh, which is the country of my concern, has...


International Trade


Modelling Import Demand Function for a Developing Country: An Empirical Approach, Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics (2013)

The study focuses on the empirical modelling of aggregate import demand function for developing countries....


Monetary Policy


Interest Rate Pass-Through in the UK: Has the Transmission Mechanism Changed During the Financial Crisis? (with Ahmad H. Ahmad and Shahina Rummun), Economic Issues (2013)

Interest rate has been the monetary policy tool used by the modern central banks. For...


Economic Development


Migrant Workers’ Remittances and Economic Growth: The Role of Financial Development (with Somnath Sen, Puyang Sun, and Lichao Wu), MPRA Paper No. 66992 (2015)

Although the growing importance of workers’ remittance in international capital flow is indubitable, it is...



Determinants of Sectoral R&D Investment in the UK: A Dymanic Panel Approach (with Muhammad S. Rahman and Wan F.W Yusoff), Review of European Studies (2013)

We estimate the determinants of R&D expenditure in the UK by using sectoral data of...



Intrinsic and Extrinsic Determinants of Economic Growth: Further Evidence (with M A. Hossain) (2013)

The paper empirically estimates the effects of both intrinsic and extrinsic determinants on economic growth....



Growth of Government Expenditure in Bangladesh: An Empirical Enquiry into the Validity of Wagner's Law (with Mohammad Abul Kalam), Global Economy Journal (2009)

The study empirically investigates ‘Wagner's law,' the relationship between ‘social progress' and ‘growth of state...


Institutional Economics


The Impact of Political Regime and Governance on ASEAN Economic Growth (with Sheela D. Sundarasen), Journal of Southeast Asian Economies (2015)

Business & Finance


Islamic Social Business to Alleviate Poverty and Social Inequality (with Osman Bin Mohamad), International Journal of Social Economics (Emerald) (2015)




An Extension of UTAUT Model for Palestine E-commerce (with Govindan Marthandan), International Journal of Electronic Business (INDER Science) (2015)

This study investigates the extension of the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology...



Consumer Perception and Response to Ethical Business: A Demand Side Analysis on UK Retailers, Journal of International Business Ethics (2014)

Existing literature has revealed that the demand for "ethical products" has been increasing over time....



Service quality and behavioural intentions in broadband services selection, Marketing Intelligence & Planning (2014)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine consumers’ perceptions and their behavioural...



Broadband Services Selection Criteria of Young Users: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analytic Approach, International Journal of Business and Social Science (2013)

The purpose of this paper is to examine young users’ behavioral intention in selecting an...


Popular Press


Bridging the gap between policymakers and academics (with M. A. Majumder), The Financial Express (2011)


FTA with India and Malaysia, The Financial Express (2010)



Real and Nominal Effective Exchange Rates Data for Bangladesh (2010)

Data for effective exchange rates were unavailable in national (e.g., Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Bangladesh...