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Cold War II: Those evil Russkie he-men are making us frack ourselves,

Michael I. Niman Ph.D., Buffalo State College


You have to admit, the timing is convenient, both for us handsome free Americans and for the cursed Russians. If you’re Russian, forget about the regular jailing of protesters and musicians, your he-man government and its bizarre hatred of gay folks, the degradation of your environment and rape of your natural resources, and the rise of a billionaire mafioso class. You now have rude hubristic Americans to monopolize your hate and fear. Ditto for Americans. Forget every issue we were fretting about the day before masked, Russian-speaking troops swarmed over the border and “did not invade” Crimea, annexing it and immediately adding it to their national maps. For the fracking interests, the timing couldn’t be better.

Suggested Citation

Michael I. Niman Ph.D.. "Cold War II: Those evil Russkie he-men are making us frack ourselves," Coldtype (Canada) May. 2014: 64-66.
Available at: http://works.bepress.com/niman/157