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Journalism in a PR World

Michael I. Niman Ph.D., Buffalo State College

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unpublished presentation transcript. (c) 2013 Michael I. Niman. Rights released to Harvard Law School.


Mike Niman discusses the future of journalism in a PR-dominated communication environment. In particular, he examines the migration of talent from journalism to the PR industry, the collapse of mainstream journalism and the role of an emergent alternative media as American journalism goes through metamorphosis from what it was to what it could become. Journalism is a social good that should equip people to understand and resist spin. Niman argues that mainstream American journalism, rather than rising to this challenge, has transparently succumbed to serving as an arm of the corporate PR industry, thus laying the groundwork for its own irrelevance and collapse. From these ashes, he argues, a new alternative media is emerging, combining the communication skills of the PR industry with a long stubborn tradition of critical inquiry and muckraking.

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Michael I. Niman Ph.D.. "Journalism in a PR World" Harvard Law School Project on Law and Mind Sciences. Deep Capture: Psychology, Public Relations, Democracy, & Law.. Harvard Law School. Cambraidge, MA. Apr. 2013.
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