From 2008-2013 I was the Dean of University Libraries at Georgia State University.
Before coming to GSU I was Associate University Librarian and Director of Research &
Instructional Services for the University of Iowa Libraries. I have also been at the
libraries at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, and at the Jefferson College of Health
Sciences, Roanoke, VA. 

I have a BA in Political Science from Virginia Tech, an MS in Library Science from the
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, and a PhD (Curriculum & Instruction) from
Virginia Tech. 



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An increasing number of higher education institutions worldwide are requiring submission of electronic theses and...



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Do publishers and editors of scholarly journals view theses and dissertations that are readily available...



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An increasing number of colleges and universities throughout the world are adopting electronic theses and...



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In 1994, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Libraries founded a College Librarian...



Confessions of a Distance Ed Student, University Library Faculty Publications (2001)

Contributions to Books


Information Literacy Reality Check, Transforming Information Literacy Programs: Intersecting Frontiers of Self, Library Culture, and Campus Community (2012)

As the information literacy movement moves into its third decade, it is appropriate to look...



Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Two Surveys of Editors and Publishers (with Joan T. Dalton), University Library Faculty Publications (2004)

In two separate surveys, editors and publishers of established academic journalswere invited to respond to...