In addition to consulting with health care systems on issues surrounding mission,
theology, and ethics, my major research foci have included the anointing of the sick,
genetics, gene therapy, human embryonic stem cell research and issues at the end-of-life.
My first co-edited book, Gathered for the Journey: Moral Theology in Catholic Perspective
(Eerdmans 2007, co-editor David M. McCarthy), provides an introduction to Catholic moral
theology. In 2008, the book received third place honors in 'Theology' from the
Catholic Press Association. My second book, On Moral Medicine: Theological Perspectives
on Medical Ethics, 3rd edition (Eerdmans, 2012), is co-edited with Joseph Kotva. In print
for more than two decades, On Moral Medicine remains the definitive anthology for
Christian theological reflection on medical ethics. My most recent book, Caritas in
Communion: Theological Foundations of Catholic Health Care (St. Louis: Catholic Health
Association) reports the fruit of a year-long study as Visiting Scholar for the Catholic
Health Association on the theological foundations of Catholic identity, the principle of
moral cooperation, and for-profit health care. 

My current research involves three projects. The first is the Human Powered Nebulizer
Project (, a global health project designed to address significant
burden of respiratory conditions among the poor in developing contexts. With Lars E.
Olson, Ph.D. (Marquette, Biomedical Engineering), she is exploring the role of community
health workers in the development of appropriate medical technologies, for the treatment
of asthma, COPD, and LRIs, better diagnosis of tuberculosis, and the potential for better
delivery of vaccines. My second project brings to fruition a two-year research project
funded by the Science of Virtue Program of the Arete Foundation at the University of
Chicago examining the cultural constructions of virtue, vice and poverty in contemporary
work on the neurosciences. With Jeffrey P Bishop, M.D., Ph.D. (Director, Center for
Health Care Ethics, St. Louis University) and Andrew A. Michel, M.D. (College of
Medicine, Vanderbilt University), she is completing a book manuscript entitled Chasing
After Virtue: Neuroscience, Economics, and the Biopolitics of Morality (University of
Notre Dame Press). My final project, a scholarly monograph, is entitled Anointing of the
Sick and the Theo-Political Economy of Medicine (Eerdmans). 

I have also been privileged to serve as an advisor to the Catholic Health Association and
to sit on the Board of Directors of the Society of Christian Ethics and the Editorial
Board of the Journal of Moral Theology. From 1995-1998, I served as a member of the
Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) at the National Institutes of Health. I have
served as a member of the advisory boards for the Program of Dialogue Between Science,
Religion, and Ethics at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS);
and from 2008-2011, I was a member of the U.S. Catholic-Episcopal Theological
Consultation under the aegis of the USCCB. 



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In print for more than two decades, On Moral Medicine remains the definitive anthology for...



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