Martin Schedlbauer focuses on human performance modeling and the development of
collaborative software. In the area of human–computer interaction, he has investigated
how people perform certain tasks while walking, distracted, performing another cognitive
task, or in a non-stationary environment. This research has led to several new
completion-time models that are applicable to the development of mobile devices, vehicle
navigation systems, and maritime systems. He has taught information science courses at
the College of Computer and Information Science since 2008 and is also the managing
principal of the Cathris Group, which provides software consulting and education to
industry professionals. He has written and consulted extensively on the Kanban and Agile
methods used for requirements analysis and software project execution. 

Conference Proceedings


Horizontal Selection: An Evaluation of a Digital Tabletop Input Device (with Mark Micire and Holly Yanco), AMCIS 2007 Proceedings (2007)