Motti Inbari is an associate professor at the University of North Carolina at

Dr. Inbari focuses his research on Jewish fundamentalism in Israel. He earned his PhD at
the Institute of Contemporary Jewry (currently part of the Department of Modern Jewish
History) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Inbari served as the Schusterman
Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Florida and as a post doctoral fellow
at the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis. 

His first book Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount was published by the State
University of New York Press in English (2009) and by Magnes Press in Hebrew (2008). The
book earned the AICE best publication award in Israel Studies in 2009. His second book -
Messianic Religious Zionism Confronts Israeli Territorial Compromises - was published by
Cambridge University Press in 2012. 

Dr. Inbari is currently working on a new research which deals with radical Ultra
Orthodoxy in Israel and the U.S. 



Messianic Religious Zionism Confronts Israeli Territorial Compromises (2012)

The Six Day War in 1967 profoundly influenced how an increasing number of religious Zionists...




Messianic Activism in the Works of Chaim Elazar Shapira, the Munkacz Rebbe, between Two World Wars, Cathedra (2013)

The article discusses messianic tension that developed in the Hasidic court of Rabbi Chaim Elazar...



The Modesty Campaigns of Rabbi Amram Blau and the Neturei Karta Movement, 1938–1974, Israel Studies (2012)

The article examines the modesty campaigns led by Neturei Karta circles in the period 1938–1974...



Messianic Movements and Failed Prophecies in Israel - Five Case Studies, Nova Religio - The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions (2010)

This article examines several examples of messianic individuals and movements in Israel that have had...



Rabbi Amram Bloi Founder of Neturi Karta Movement: An Abridged Biography, Hebrew Union College Annual (2010)

The chapter examines the life and approach of Rabbi Amram Blau (1886-1974), founder of the...


Contributions to Books


The Disengagement as a Religious Dilemma, In the Shade of the Disengagement: Strategic Dialog in Crisis (2008)

Popular Press


The Outstretched Hand, Jewish Ideas Daily (2013)

My family and I celebrated Passover in Lumberton, North Carolina. We are the only Israelis...



Opening the Gates of Judaism, Jewish Ideas Daily (2013)

Given the demographic and spiritual decline among “biological” Jews in America, if we want to...



נשות הטאליבן והעצמה נשית, הרהורים בנושאים ישראלים ויהודיים (2012)


היהודים והשמאל החזק - מקבילים שאינם נפגשים, הרהורים בנושאים ישראלים ויהודיים (2012)

Unpublished Papers


Can Baalei Tshuva Change Haredi life style in Israel? I doubt it (2014)

A rebuttal to a Mosaic article that called for a change in Haredi life style...



Like Dreamers - Book Review by Motti Inbari, Unpublished (2013)

A book review on Yossi Klien Halevi's Like Dreamers, New York: Harper, 2013.